Mercury in Taurus - Mercury Signs

Credit: photo by MarcMa from Taiwan / Getty Images.

Mercury Taurus is an earthed messenger, and because of that, is more likely to make sense. 

Indeed, this is a thinking style that reads everything through the five senses.  This is the one at work that comes up with a plan that's do-able, or is crafty in some impressive way.

Mercury Taurus guys and gals have venerated (Venus-inspired) voices.  There are more than a few great singers among this group.

Mercury is the planet of perception -- how do you know what you know?  

The upside of the Taurus mindset is being aligned with natural law, and knowing how to think practically, and with an artful attitude.  Yours is a Mercury inspired by nature.  

Your challenge is to live in a world out of sync with nature's laws, and all the frustration that goes with it.  When you're rushed in any way, you feel like you've lost control of an idea, or are in danger of making a crap decision.  

Watch out for the judgement of others, who may find your process to be needlessly slow.  You do well in fields and with people who allow you the time you need to fully flesh out your ideas.  

Mercury has different ways, and yours is fixed, which is to do with stabilizing, and building on solid ground in general.  Your gift is to build an art form or idea that's enduring.  Your weak point is being flexible enough to adapt to change.  

You'll want to watch out for stagnation in your thinking, and this is when Taurus gets depressed.  That's when life feels heavy and not worth it, and uninspired.  

When Mercury is in Taurus, the mind slows down to take in sensory perceptions.

Those with this fixed earth Mercury in the natal chart build up impressions carefully. They speak slowly, often choosing each word like a mason chooses bricks for a foundation. What this Mercury loses in speed, is made up for in thoroughness. They want a solid grounding in what they're experiencing -- often in a hands-on way -- as they shape perceptions.

The Builder 

This Mercury likes to learn by doing, and to take slow, steady steps toward a practical goal. Whether it's a solidly constructed building, song or educational program, they want to see tangible results in the end. They work best in an unhurried environment where they're not pressed to make leaps of logic.

This Mercury approaches progress with caution, planning out each step to make sure it's on solid ground. Like the tortoise in the fable, they patiently deal with what's in front of them, and progress slowly toward the finish line.

Earthed Visions

Mercury loses its restless edge, and becomes mesmerizingly grounded in Taurus. They speak with the authority of earthy wisdom, a knowing that comes from leaving no stone unturned. Their words come out full-bodied, rich, and rooted in the real world. They can be no-nonsense, which saves them time in the long run. They're not fantasizing about what could be, because they're enmeshed in what is. Sometimes this locks them into safe boxes, where the unproven or new is treated as suspect.

Taurus is Venus-ruled, and as artists, they're apt to approach it as craft, becoming masterful at what they do. This Mercury lends the strong focus and discipline to make it through the apprenticeship period. Often they're graced with melodious voices, and shine in mediums in which the body is the instrument.

In Taurus, Mercury seeks to create things that are enduring, tangible and stable. Ideally, what is created is a reflection of deeply held values. There's a need to have something to show for the effort, like growing wealth and possessions. This is a mind geared toward consistent effort over time, with the expectation of an abundant harvest.

Quality and Element:

Fixed Earth

Mercury's Themes:

good memory, hands-on, tactile, capable, results-oriented, tangible outcomes, deliberate

Possible Challenges:

stubborn, restricted speech, heavy mind, plodding thoughts, catching flies, rigid