Mercury in Sagittarius - Your Sagittarius Mercury

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Mercury Sagittarius thinkers are firestarters with their eyes on the future. Some are emphatic about their views, to the point of being overbearing.

It's a mindset that's very open to learning and growing. But at times, what's known is defended fiercely, since it's the direction of the future. The Archer is VERY attached to his arrows (ideas).

Is this your Mercury sign? Your Mercury sign is to do with your way of making sense of life and sharing that with others.

They have a cheerful way of making light conversation but also love being drawn into philosophical debates. These natives are genuinely social and curious, alighting on each detail as a possible clue leading to their end goal -- the illuminated truth.

Sagittarius is an inspired fire sign that seeks the broadest possible perspective, collecting all the pieces to form a whole, the big picture. Sadge is the map maker, and Mercury here means mental adventures to get a sense of every landscape. 

Mercury delivers messages in different ways depending on the element and mode.

Some with this Mercury stay in the academy for as long as possible, thriving in the learning environment. Fields for Mercury Sagittarius are higher education, law, media, the Arts and being a champion for rights and reform.

What's outstanding about Mercury Sagittarius is that there's an impulse to beam on the truthful pathway. We see Mercury here as having the penetrating insight of the previous sign Scorpio, and taking that out and delivering it. 

Keep in mind that mutable signs like Sagittarius are the end of a cycle, and are the casters of seeds. That's why this Mercury is associated with spreading knowledge, and often with a lot of breadth and depth. 

Mercury Sagittarius Speaks 

French philosopher and author Albert Camus: "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion."

Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen: "I will never be a fan of any kind of political correctness: I think it's instant death to creativity."

American actress Sean Young: "You can act as nice as you can 100% of the time, and it will still not make everybody say nice things about you."

German poet Rainer Maria Rilke: "The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens."

Big Picture Views

When your mind is a chaotically moving spotlight, there's a lot that's left in shadow. There's a rush to declare the Truth of the matter, often before all the facts are in. This native often fixes on a passionate thought but misses subtle nuances. Without tact, this Mercury steps on toes and says hurtful things without meaning to, lacking the subtlety to read a situation on an emotional level.

This Mercury paints a situation in broad strokes, and this kind of sight makes them visionaries for the future. It helps if they've got allies to fill in the details they've missed. These natives shine a klieg light on whatever is in their field of vision and often are blinded to all else. Their challenge is developing discernment in their quest for the highest truth, so they'll know which threads to follow.

Interdisciplinary Fields

Mercury here is restless, dynamic and able to come up with colorful narratives to explain this journey called life. As artist-creators, they infuse the mundane with vitality, proving that sometimes, "God is in the details." Sagittarius's polarity is Gemini and both are "moving intelligences." 

Sagittarian thinkers want to pull ideas in from many fields and angles. That's why they're less likely to be single-focus specialists. They make leaps of logic, based on what they know, and this makes them pioneers of perception. 

These souls are gifted in the fields of science, the arts, comedy, music and as educators, philosophers, activists, politicians or full-time adventure-seeker.

Quality and Element

Mutable and Fire

Mercury Themes

Honest, truth-seeker, big picture, expansive mind, pursuit of knowledge, higher education, experiential learning, enthusiastic thinker.

Possible Challenges

Lack of tact, misses nuances, overly preachy, dogmatic.