Mercury in Cancer - Your Cancer Mercury Sign

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Mercury Cancer people take things personally and will clam up if they pick up even subtly bad vibes.

With the messenger in watery Cancer, you are moody and defensive with your opinions. You've got a sensitivity to criticism about how ideas are presented and can overreact if challenged.

Looney Messages

You're not easily fooled by false flattery since you're able to read the undercurrents of what is said. This comes from a powerful intuition and can be your ally when learning who to trust with your feeling-drenched observations.

You're not big on small talk, preferring to save your thoughts for those rare intimate conversations with those you're close to. Cancer is a sign of tight-knit relationships, like with family and friends-as-family. 

With close friends, you need reassurance about what you're sensing and benefit from having objective thinkers in your circle. You tend to be overly subjective, so having clear-eyed feedback helps you gain perspective. 

You can be very sentimental, to the point of idealizing the past. That makes it hard for you to let go, especially if there is loss connected to a person or place (Cancer has a strong sense of place). 

Memory Lane

You are a collector -- of memories, impressions, slights and poignant times. 

 When your Mercury is in Cancer, the mood or emotional impressions are what shapes perception. It's hard for you to engage in a just the facts ma'am type of conversation. You're geared toward communication that resonates on a more personal level. 

It has to do with the intimate human experience via the heart, and as a cardinal sign, Mercury initiates through conversation, art, music, literature and healing arts. There are gifts here that have to do with finding the universal in the personal story.


You're not always quick with your wit, but have a subtle knowing that adds depth to your humor. You come to the verbal aid of the vulnerable, and can be counted on for a kind word when it's needed.

Because you resonate with the deeper meaning of life, you're often called on to make speeches at family events, or write the sentiments on the birthday card. You're able to sense when someone is socially awkward or troubled and know how to draw them out of their shell.

Your Mercury interweaves emotions with thoughts so that a memory can cause all those feelings to rush back. This can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it can cause you to lose clarity, especially if the unresolved issues start to pile up. An attitude of forgiveness for self and other can help calm the choppy waters of the past.

Mercury in Cancer can find an outlet for emotional intelligence through the arts. You're able to express the depths of any experience, and the poignant yearnings we all have to live, love and belong. This gift also makes you a caring co-worker, parent, friend and so on.

Your interests might lean toward the past and the family. You might be drawn toward history, researching the family tree, and the fascinating area of healing collective emotional trauma. The ancestral soul can be engaged through self-expression, as well.

Quality and Element:

Cardinal Water

Mercury's Themes:

Vivid thoughts, emotional memories, circumspect, soulful speaker, imaginative.

Possible Challenges:

Hiding perceptions out of fear, view clouded by emotion, overly subjective, reactive.