Mercury in Aries

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Those with Mercury in Aries have zero filters and a highly physical mercurial delivery. They pack a punch! 

Hard-hitting, edgy, brilliant are words to describe you. But so are abrasive, pushy and brash. The fighter in Aries makes this Mercury one that does battle for their ideas or perspective. The Aries "I am" ego is wed to perception, and they identify with them in a big way. 

So an attack on their thinking can be experienced as a personal attack. I've known Mercury Aries to go into fight mode quickly if they're challenged, and some never admit they're wrong. 

Are You and Aries in Mercury?

Is this your Mercury sign? Guys and gals with this Mercury get fired up when an inspired idea hits. There's a physical aspect to their mercurial style—they literally get up in your face and are wildly animated. Their faces could also get flushed. 

The dark side of (mercurial) Aries is letting loose speech that's cutting and mean-spirited. 

Take note that Mercury travels close to the Sun—many have the same Sun and Mercury signs. So often, when Mercury is in Aries, so is the Sun! That makes it a powerful time for you, to hatch new plans.

Mercury Arians dazzle others by intuitively hitting on the essentials of a situation. They speak in a direct style that leaves the prolonged mulling over to others.

They tell it like it is, and sometimes their honesty is brutal. They are forthright, so others don't have to read between the lines. You know exactly where you stand with Mercury Aries people -- and this is the basis of real, albeit starkly honest connections. 

Looking around, they are surprised to see mouths hitting the floor, at their candor. And there can be a big backlash. So dealing with the blowback from your forceful style is a challenge. Over time, you learn to strike when the iron is hot -- and that's an apt metaphor! 

If they have a peccadillo, it's not seeing the subtleties. You're crazy impulsive, and carry a sense of momentum to set it in motion. This makes them dynamic leaders who walk their talk and inspire others to act. 

And yet, a mercurial Aries sort may realize too late, that they've offended half the room, and missed nuances, like the emotional or psychic aspects. They also quickly move on, especially if the enthusiasm wanes. They start much, making them top initiators. 

High Beams

Their mind is like a high-powered flashlight, with a concentrated focus. They're always seeking that breakthrough moment when a brilliant notion captures their interest. Theirs is a mind hungry for stimulation and vigorous exchange.

That need for verbal sparring can make them confrontational, always escalating conversations into arguments. They provoke others through language, and at extremes can be ruthless in their teasing. And yet no one can accuse them of mental sloth! They're invigorating to be around, even if at times, their need to make sparks is exhausting to other kinds of thinkers.

The need to be brilliant and "win" debates means they encounter others as adversaries, even those they love. If this is not kept under control, they become insufferable "know-it-alls." They're restless and grow visibly frustrated when faced with delays. This Mercury also grows impatient with those they consider dim-witted, which from their estimation, is a huge swath of the population. They love mental challenges that involve strategy and competition, like chess.

Brilliant Me

This Mercury's opinions and observations are creations of a self-centered mind. Being centered in the self is why they speak with such astonishing originality. 

They can be defensive if challenged because they are their thoughts. As forceful communicators, they are known to "ram" their ideas down others throats. But more often, their confident style infuses a stagnant atmosphere with new life. The fired-up way they describe things is contagious, and soon others are alive with ideas, too.

The originality of Mercury in Aries makes them stand out in their fields. A concept they've hatched might take on a life of its own, and be an idea that others rally around. Chances are, they've got a few followers that hang on their every word. Their gift is sudden illumination, and it often startles others.

Their challenge is to grow patient with the details and to stick with projects through the tedious bits. They're a genius at starting little fires, and quickly moving on to the next big thing. They are rarely bored since there's always something new to discover.

Quality and Element

Cardinal Fire

Mercury Themes

sharp, focused, bright, competitive, daring, decisive, innovative, quick-witted, original

Mercurial Shadow 

harsh, insensitive, brusque, dismissive, defensive, combative, intellectual arrogance