Men's Watch Guide: Discover the Right Watch for Your Budget

The watch is an essential accessory for many men. Even in the age of fitness and tech wearables, it's hard to resist the classic style that a great watch can add to your look. You probably realize that watches come in a great variety of price ranges and you can spend as much you like on a timepiece.

Everybody has a different concept of what 'expensive' means when it comes to something like a watch. There are many men who are very practical and think a watch over $150 is too expensive. Then again, there are guys who think anything above $1,000 is too expensive.

'Luxury' is a subjective matter, yet the great news is that you can find a great looking watch at any price. Let's take a look at some valuable buying guides to help you in your pursuit of the perfect watch.

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The Right Watch for the Right Situation

A watch is an important accessory and style element for any man. It can say a lot about you, especially in certain environments like work or formal settings.

If you're still wearing your multi-functional G-Shock or Casio sports watch to the office with a suit, step up your game a little. It can add a lot to your professional appearance and you don't have to skip the sporty look altogether. 

Pick something with a little more style for professional and formal affairs. Just like a woman has a variety of necklaces for different occasions and outfits, a man should have two or three watches to choose from whenever he goes out.

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Terrific Men's Watches Under $100

Anymore, it is not hard to find a really cool watch at a great price. Many companies are catering to the budget-conscious crowd and giving us high style with a small price tag.

Companies like Guess, Kenneth Cole, and Diesel are producing some amazing styles. Quite often, they include leather bands, a flashy face, and other high-end details. They may not be the best, but they sure do look like it.

Plus, for the money, it's likely that any of these watches will outlast that fake Rolex you can pick up on the street.

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Fossil Watches Remain a Fashion Favorite

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Since 1984, Fossil has been turning out some great looking stylish watches. The designs are original and fashionable, and the watches are very affordable.

You will rarely get bored browsing the line of Fossil watches and there's something for every occasion. It's the perfect line if you're a guy who likes to coordinate your watch with the day's wardrobe choice. You can choose from sleek classics to high-style modern looks, digital and analog faces, they're even tapping into the wearable and smartwatch market.

For the best style options at the best prices, Fossil is our top pick.

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High-Style, Yet Manageable Watches

Some guys just naturally have a thing for watches. While it's nice to dream about those luxe timepieces that command thousands of dollars, it's impractical for many of us. You do still have to eat, right?

Instead of spending a small fortune on a fashion accessory, look into your more feasible options. With brands like TX and Victorinox around, you won't even miss the big names.

These companies have a great selection of watches with a very high-class style that is sure to impress anyone.

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If You're Going to Go Luxe Watch...

If you're going to step up into the luxury watch market, do so with care. You don't want to spend over $1000 on a fashion watch just to have it become dated in a year, some people do notice these things. 

Instead, choose a style that is classic and timeless, one that can be with you for years. For many men, this watch will probably be the 'big guy' -- the one that comes out when you really need to impress and for every formal affair and business meeting you attend.

Also, make sure to choose watchmakers that are reputable and known for making a quality product. Movado, Hugo Boss, and Baume & Mercier are just three names to look for. The key is to get that watch of a lifetime which will stand up in both style and function.