Men's U.S. Shoe Sizes in Inches

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Even if you know your shoe size, finding shoes that fit is mostly trial and error. You've probably experienced size variations among brands. You might be a size 11 with one brand and a 10 with another.

Don't you wish every shoe manufacturer followed the same sizing guidelines? Unfortunately, that isn't the case. Most shoe manufacturers follow their own size charts. Frustrating, isn't it?

This makes shopping for shoes, especially online, a bit tricky. If a brand makes their size chart available, always compare your measurements to it, but if you can't find a brand's size chart, or if you want to get a more approximate idea of your shoe size, just refer to the chart below.

Measure Your Feet

So what's your actual shoe size? Start by measuring your feet.

Of course, the length of your foot isn't the only criterion used in obtaining a good fit, and manufacturer's sizes will definitely vary. In fact, different models from the same brand will likely differ from one another, so it's important to know your measurements for length and width.

Once you have the length and width, see where your width measurement lands on this men's shoe width chart. You might not even realize you have narrow or wide feet until you try on a pair of shoes that are specifically designed for the shape of your foot. Knowing your width ensures a much more comfortable fit.

The only way to know if a pair of shoes truly fits is by trying them on. If you want to be certain you're getting a perfect fit, get measured by a knowledgeable salesperson in a shoe store. If you can't try the shoes on, the next best thing to do is compare your measurements to the manufacturer's or online retailer's size chart.

Use the conversion chart below to determine your shoe size.

Inches to Men's Shoe Size Conversion Chart:

Inches U.S. Men's Shoe Size
9 5/16 6
9 1/2 6.5
9 11/16 7
9 13/16 7.5
10 8
10 3/16 8.5
10 5/16 9
10 1/2 9.5
10 11/16 10
10 13/16 10.5
11 11
11 3/16 11.5
11 5/16 12
11 1/2 12.5
11 11/16 13
11 13/16 13.5
12 14
12 3/16 14.5
12 5/16 15

Knowing your measurements will hopefully increase your chances of finding the right pair of shoes, especially if you're ordering online. Shoe returns often have different guidelines, so make sure you check the retailer's return policy before making a purchase.

Now that you have your measurements you can also see what size you are in different countries. Consult the Men's International Shoe Size Conversion Chart.

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