Men's Shoes for a Job Interview

How to Choose the Right Style

Stylish brown man's shoes
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The old days of wearing a suit and shining your best Sunday school shoes for that big job interview are long gone. How you choose your clothes and, more importantly, which shoes to wear on a job interview are still insanely important, but now you have options.

While your entire outfit and presentation is important, shoes are the most crucial component when going to meet your future boss. Many hiring managers judge a man's attention to detail and integrity by the shoes he wears. Your shoes are the foundation of what you wear, so pay extra attention.

Here are five things to keep in mind when choosing the right men's shoes to wear on a job interview.

Keep Your Shoes Looking Sharp

If your shoes aren't looking their best, it doesn't matter how they match, who made them, or how much you spent on them. Make sure to keep them shined, and make sure you give them a good wipe down if they've been gathering any dust in your closet. You bought them, now take care of them.

Your Shoes Should Fit the Culture of the Office

If you're wearing dress shoes in a tech setting and the guy interviewing you is wearing flip-flops—you've lost the job. If you're not sure of the culture of the company you're interviewing with, stop by and look around or call and ask the secretary how most people dress. They are usually more plugged in than anyone else.

Your Shoes Should Match the Rest of Your Outfit

Do your shoes match your pants? Are you wearing wing-tips with a golf shirt? Make sure your entire outfit flows and that your shoes are in perfect alignment with everything else.

Stay Current

You always want to err on the side of dressing a little more conservatively on a job interview, but you still need to stay on top of the latest men's shoe styles. It shows your attention to detail and that you are up to date with the current trends in the world.

Not a Time to Make a Statement

A job interview is the worst place to try and make a statement about how brave your personal style is. The hiring manager is looking for someone who is grounded, not a loose cannon. He's looking for someone that will show up every day, do great work and fit in with the rest of the office. If he thinks your wild style is flaky, you're sunk.

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