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Shaggy Hair

Sean Suen : Backstage - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear F/W 2019-202 Durand / Stringer/Getty Images

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Wavy and Layered

Wavy and layered
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Actor Travis Van Winkle has amazing wavy shaggy layered hair. This kind of style really has a California casual look to it.

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A Mop Style

Mop style
Kristian Dowling / Getty Images

This is an exaggerated version of a mop style. I love how it swoops to the side. If I had hair this gorgeous I would do the same thing. This hairstyle really shows off this model's amazing thick hair.

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Long on the Top

Long on the top
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

I have seen this style quite a bit. Keeping hair short on the sides but longer on top allows you to brush your bangs to the side.

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Blown Back

Blown back
Mark Mainz/Getty Images

The curls or waves in this model's hair gives it a lot of body. I still consider this cut shaggy even though the hair has been styled away from the face.

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Ivy league

Classic Ivy League
Mark Mainz / Getty Images

This is the kind of hairstyle that reminds me of certain ivy league types. it's classic.

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Straight n' Shaggy

Straight n' shaggy
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

You can still rock a shaggy do even with thick straight hair.

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Off the Face Shaggy

Off the face
David Rogers / Getty Images

I like this haircut because it is still shaggy but off of the face. And in case you didn't know, this photo is of Matthew Tate, a rugby player on the English national team.

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Rock 'n Roll

Rock n' Roll
Kristian Dowling / Getty Images

For those with straight hair, this is a great rock 'n roll style. I can think of many musicians past and present who have donned this do.

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Classic '60s Shaggy

Classic 60s

I hesitate to call this a shaggy hairstyle since it is so long, but this is a great example of how beautiful curly hair can look on a guy. It definitely reminds me of more artistic types.

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Short and Shaggy-like

Short and shaggy

Shaggy doesn't necessarily mean long. The great thing about having a shorter haircut (with a little length on top) is that it can be messed up a little to give it a bedhead kind of look, as well as tamed in case you need to be taken a little more seriously.

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The Classic Shaggy Look

Classic shaggy
Dave Hogan / Getty Images

Nobody wears a shaggy hairdo like Ashton Kutcher. He was wearing this hairstyle before it was seen everywhere.

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Medium Length and Wavy

Medium length and wavy
Mark Mainz / Getty Images

If I had the patience to grow my hair out, this is how I would style it. It's not too long and frames the face well.

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A Bit Disheveled

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Actor Ryan Eggold sports a disheveled shaggy do. He successfully pulls off the unshaven, just got out of bed look.

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Shaggy with Bangs

Shaggy with bangs
Michael Steger / Getty Images

Actor Michael Steger wears the kind of shaggy hairstyle worn by so many young guys.

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Crazy Shaggy

Crazy shaggy
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

This model walks the fashion runway sporting a tousled shaggy hairdo.