Golfers With the Most Wins in Men's Major Championships

The List of Golf's Most Successful Major Winners (Plus First and Last Wins)

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson photographed at the Ryder Cup in 2012. Woods has 14 major wins and Mickelson 5.
Phil Mickelson (left) and Tiger Woods have 19 major wins between them - or one more than the No. 1 guy on the list. Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The record for most men's major championship wins is held by Jack Nicklaus, who won 18 of them. Tiger Woods is second with 15 major wins. The four tournaments that make up the men's majors are The Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship.

In addition to the chart below, which lists major winners in descending order of number of victories, you can view the list of every major winner in one of two ways:

(The all-time leader in women's majors is Petty Berg with 15. The list of golfers with the most wins in LPGA majors appears separately.)

Most Wins in Men's Professional Majors

This chart includes every golfer with at least three wins in men's majors, their total number of major championship victories, plus their first and last (or most recent, in the case of active golfers) wins.

GolferMajor WinsFirstLast
Jack Nicklaus181962 US Open1986 Masters
Tiger Woods151997 Masters2019 Masters
Walter Hagen111914 US Open1929 British Open
Ben Hogan91946 PGA Championship1953 British Open
Gary Player91959 British Open1978 Masters
Tom Watson81975 British Open1983 British Open
Bobby Jones71923 US Open1930 US Open
Arnold Palmer71958 Masters1964 Masters
Gene Sarazen71922 US Open1935 Masters
Sam Snead71942 PGA Championship1954 Masters
Harry Vardon71896 British Open1914 British Open
Nick Faldo61987 British Open1996 Masters
Lee Trevino61968 US Open1984 PGA Championship
Seve Ballesteros51979 British Open1988 British Open
James Braid51901 British Open1910 British Open
Phil Mickelson52004 Masters2013 British Open
Byron Nelson51937 Masters1945 PGA Championship
J.H. Taylor51894 British Open1913 British Open
Peter Thomson51954 British Open1965 British Open
Willie Anderson41901 US Open1905 US Open
Jim Barnes41916 PGA Championship1925 British Open
Ernie Els41994 US Open2012 British Open
Raymond Floyd41969 PGA Championship1986 US Open
Brooks Koepka42017 US Open2019 PGA Championship
Bobby Locke41949 British Open1957 British Open
Rory McIlroy42011 US Open2014 PGA Championship
Old Tom Morris41861 British Open1867 British Open
Young Tom Morris41868 British Open1872 British Open
Willie Park Sr.41860 British Open1875 British Open
Jamie Anderson31877 British Open1879 British Open
Tommy Armour31927 US Open1931 British Open
Julius Boros31952 US Open1968 PGA Championship
Billy Casper31959 US Open1970 Masters
Henry Cotton31934 British Open1948 British Open
Jimmy Demaret31940 Masters1950 Masters
Bob Ferguson31880 British Open1882 British Open
Ralph Guldahl31937 US Open1939 Masters
Padraig Harrington32007 British Open2008 PGA Championship
Hale Irwin31974 US Open1990 US Open
Cary Middlecoff31949 US Open1956 US Open
Larry Nelson31981 PGA Championship1987 PGA Championship
Nick Price31992 PGA Championship1994 PGA Championship
Denny Shute31933 British Open1937 PGA Championship
Vijay Singh31998 PGA Championship2004 PGA Championship
Jordan Spieth32015 Masters2017 British Open
Payne Stewart31989 PGA Championship1999 US Open


Most Wins in Majors—Amateur & Professional Combined

It was once common to include wins in the U.S. Amateur and British Amateur championships when ranking golfers by their wins in majors. This was standard at least through the early 1960s; becoming less common until fading out probably during the 1980s.

Today it is rare to do so, but occasionally a golf writer or historian will still quote a combined number.

So, here are the top golfers when professional and amateur major wins are combined:

  • Jack Nicklaus, 20 combined wins in pro and amateur majors
  • Tiger Woods, 17
  • Bobby Jones, 13
  • Walter Hagen, 11
  • John Ball, 9
  • Ben Hogan, 9
  • Gary Player, 9
  • Arnold Palmer, 8
  • Tom Watson, 8

Most Major Wins Per Tournament

Here are the golfers with the most wins in each of the four majors:

  • The Masters: Jack Nicklaus, 6 wins
  • U.S. Open: (tie) Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Nicklaus, 4 wins each
  • British Open: Harry Vardon, 6
  • PGA Championship: (tie) Walter Hagen and Nicklaus, 5 wins each