6 Tips for Dealing with Dry Hair for Guys

Solving Your Dryness Dilemma

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Dry hair can be caused by a lot of things such as shampooing too often in hot water, alcohol-based styling products, excessive blow drying, pool water, too much sun exposure, and extreme heat. Often, the fix can be something as simple as changing your routine. If your hair is dry, try these tips:

Shampoo Less in Cooler Water

For most guys, a daily shampoo isn't a problem, but if your hair is dry, you may want to try shampooing every other day.

When you do shampoo, use lukewarm water. This will help prevent scrubbing away too much of your hair's natural oils. If you feel you need more frequent washing, try rinsing with water alone on the days you don't shampoo to remove excess dirt and debris without stripping oils.

Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Finding a good moisturizing shampoo should be fairly easy. Look for a professional product labeled as "moisturizing" or "for dry hair" and use the product each time you shampoo. After the hair is clean, use a good conditioner to further moisturize the hair and scalp. Follow the directions on the packaging -- if it says "leave on for two minutes," then leave it on for two minutes. The biggest mistake men make when using conditioner is not allowing it to stay on long enough and penetrate the hair shaft. For conditioners, I really love Woody's Daily Conditioner -- it does the job and the minty tingle feels great.

If you still find that your hair needs a bit more moisture, use of a good leave-in conditioner such as Bed Head for Men Leave-in Conditioner can be most helpful.

Use the Right Styling Product

When selecting a styling product, choose one without alcohol. Many products, especial the "fixatives" (e.g. those that dry hard and crunchy) contain alcohol to help speed up the drying process.

Guess what? They also dry out your hair and scalp. Here's where we have to put on our science cap for a minute and get technical because not all alcohols are created equally. In fact, some alcohols (the "fatty" alcohols) can be beneficial to helping hold moisture in the hair. Here's what to look for:

The good -- these fatty alcohols include benzyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, lauryl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol, and myristyl alcohol.

The bad -- the evil drying alcohols include ethanol, SD alcohol, alcohol denat, SD alcohol 40, propanol, isopropyl alcohol, propyl alcohol.

Of course, you're going to remember all of those when shopping for styling products, right? Better just print this out and take it with you. For dry hair, you'll want to choose a product that offers a natural to ​high shine to add luster to dull hair.

Use the Right Styling Tools

Style your hair with a boar-bristle or nylon brush (one with the bristles extremely close together). This will help distribute the oils evenly down the hair strand and will help stimulate your scalp.

Dry Properly

Whenever possible, allow your hair to air-dry after gently blotting (not rubbing) the hair with a towel to remove excess water.

Using a wide-tooth comb, comb the hair in the direction you want it to go for your final style and allow it to dry naturally. Once the hair is dry, add your favorite alcohol-free styling product and style as usual. If you must use a blow-dryer, apply a thermal styling spray to help protect the hair and use a low-heat setting on the dryer.

Go Natural

There are a few popular "all natural" treatments that can be used to successfully treat dry hair. These are the best:

Olive Oil -- An olive-oil treatment can greatly benefit extremely dry hair. Simply warm up a small amount of olive oil and massage it through the hair. Wrap the hair with plastic wrap and then wrap with a warm towel. Leave this treatment on for about 30 minutes and shampoo using a shampoo appropriate for dry hair. Perform this routine weekly.

Eggs -- A conditioning egg treatment can be a bit of a hassle, but it works well. To do an egg treatment, separate the yolk (save the yolk) from two eggs and beat the whites thoroughly. Add a bit of water to the yolk and mix for a moment and then stir in the whites until evenly blended. Apply the mixture evenly to wet, shampooed hair and allow to remain on the hair for about ten minutes. Rinse well in cold water -- NEVER rinse an egg treatment out with hot water (you don't want a scrambled egg mess in your hair).

Following the tips above, especially those concerning shampoo, conditioner, and styling products, should help correct your dry hair dilemma. If you're still having problems, consult your barber or stylist who can personally assess your hair and guide you in the right direction.