Men's Brushed Back Hairstyles, A Gallery

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The Classic

handsome man with brushed back hair
Photo: Dario Cantatore / Getty Images

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of brushed back hairstyles for men is this type of "classic" look. It's very Ivy League and sporty, but manages to be dashing at the same time.

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In Fashion

handsome guy with brushed back hair
Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

More and more, you see this type of brushed back style on male models and on red carpets. 

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Less Product

handsome guy wearing sunglasses
Photo: Peter Michael Dills / Stringer / Getty Images

Keeping a brushed back style doesn't mean you need to put lots of gel or other products in your hair. If your hair type allows, you can use a minimal amount of product to keep your hair styled and under control. This model's hair has a softer, more natural look than some of the others in this gallery.

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Tousled Locks

man with thick brushed back hair
Photo: Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer / Getty Images

This model, seen backstage before a fashion show, is wearing a more tousled brushed back style that really only requires a little effort. To achieve this look, blow dry your hair before applying styling paste—it's really that easy. 

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Wavy hair

male model with wavy hair
Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

This model has wonderful thick, wavy hair. Using a product like a pomade or a form hold styling gel, you can "brush" your hair back with your fingers. Apply the product to dry hair, as it will tame the curl and wave.

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male model with pompadour hairstyle
Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

The pompadour a fun hairstyle, but it takes the right person—and a lot of effort—to pull it off. If your vibe and look are both well-defined, and you have the hair to rock this iconic 'do, then go for it!

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Gerard Butler has it under control

Gerard Butler with curly hair
Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Actor Gerard Butler has thick and curly hair, which can be unruly even on the most groomed people. But here, at a red carpet event, he has it fairly under control. His hair is longer in this photo, but there's obviously quite a bit of styling product being used to keep it in place. Hey, it's working.

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Taming Your Hair

model with thick brushed back hair
Photo: Dario Cantatore

Some guys might like to brush or comb their hair back, just because it's the best way to tame an otherwise unruly, thick head of hair. This dude has enviable thick hair, but by growing it longer and using a pomade to keep it combed back, it looks tidy and under control. If he didn't wear his hair this way, it would be a challenge to find a style that would look as nice. 

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Hipster or rebel?

blond hipster with brushed back hair
Photo: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Even with platinum blond hair, this guy gives off a James Dean vibe. 

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Perfectly coiffed

young guy with brushed back hairstyle
Photo: Dario Cantatore / Stringer / Getty Images

Donning a hairstyle that is perfectly coiffed might require a little work but it sure looks nice. Furthermore, the hair isn't just combed straight back, but is sort of parted on the side and has a little direction. You may not only need gel and/or a styling paste to achieve this look, but a little hairspray too.

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Combed and parted

blond model with gelled hair
Photo: Julien M. Hekimian / Getty Images

Of course, another classic way to wear brushed back hairstyle is to actually part it and comb it using a pomade or gel. This style looks great on people of all ages, and has a retro appeal as well.