Men Who Shave Their Legs

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Swimmers, Like Michael Phelps

Phelps diving into pool
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Michael Phelps, like many professional swimmers, are part of the men who shave their legs. Swimmers often shave because they feel it helps reduce friction and water resistance so they can go faster. Many also report they like the feeling of the water sweeping against their bare skin.

You're more likely to see almost completely hairless bodies diving into the pool than hairy ones. Hair from their legs, arms, underarms, chest, back and even their head often gets removed.

With all that shaving, the odds of ingrown hairs and razor bumps rise. Make sure you learn how to treat ingrown hairs. Learn more about products, tips, and advice for men shaving their bodies.

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Male race cyclist driving up mountain road
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Other men shaving their legs are cyclists. Most professional bicycle racers keep bare legs, so you might not look serious about the sport unless, you too, start taking the razor to your legs as well.

But some professional cyclists have other reasons. Since the hair adds insulation, it feels cooler to have bare legs. At the speeds traveled and conditions they ride in, they’re bound to fall. So cleaning up smooth legs is easier to do than on hairy ones- especially when removing band-aids are involved. Massage, a part of many athletes' routine, is said to be more enjoyable over shaved legs because there’s no pulling on the hair.

Besides, with all that hard work, who would see all those leg muscles hidden underneath the hair?

Shaving is so short-lived though. Waxing, if done right, removes the entire hair follicle and will last so much longer than shaving, up to six weeks.

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Mid adult man, lifting weights, low section
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Bodybuilders often shave their legs, chest, back, arms and underarms so you can see the definition of their muscles clearly when competing. Waxing is another one of their preferred methods because they're hair-free much longer than shaving.

Hair removal creams, although temporary like shaving, are also slathered on to avoid getting razor burn, nicks or cuts. But beware, hair removal creams can leave a chemical burn that looks much worse than razor burn.

The shaving cream is just as important as the razor used for a great nick and burn-free shave. Brave Shave is a special cream made especially men's body shaving that helps soften the hair and relax the hair follicle for a closer, smoother shave.

Putting on a pre-shaving oil is a quick step that's applied underneath shaving gel or cream. It protects skin so you get a more comfortable shave and helps to avoid irritation and razor bumps while moisturizing skin.

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Male Models

Giorgio Armani - Runway - Milan Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018/19
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Many male models shave their legs and other body parts like their chest and back. But not always down totally smooth with a razor. Often they will trim the hair to 1/8 of an inch so that the hair isn’t detectable to the camera, but they don't risk razor side effects like cuts, nicks or razor burn.

There are many trimmers and groomers for men that allow for shaving with special blades or trimming to different lengths. Some have wet and dry capability, so you can use them in or out of the shower. Learn about 4 top manscaping tools.

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Soccer (Football) Players, Like Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid v Girona - La Liga
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Some other guys who shave their legs are soccer (or football if you live outside the U.S.A.) players like Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal. You can't really say having hairless legs makes them travel faster like swimmers in ​water.

But just like other athletes, they have their reasons, like flaunting that muscle definition. There's nothing like showing the other team what they're up against. I also think hair getting pulled on and stuck in a chin guard has really got to hurt too.

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Meb running in the TCS New York City Marathon
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I wouldn’t say that most runners are shaving their legs. But because it’s a very demanding sport some keep them smooth for the same reasons as other male athletes: keeping cool, no pulling on hair with massages and showing off leg muscles.