The Best Memes About Amy's Baking Company

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 In 2013, the hottest story on the web involved two restaurateurs from Arizona who publicly melted down on social media to an alarming, and hysterical, degree. It all started when the season finale of the Gordon Ramsay-fronted reality show Kitchen Nightmares aired on Fox TV. In this now-infamous episode, Ramsay, who has always been one of the internet's favorite celebrities to meme​, and who is known for having a zero tolerance policy for B.S., visits Amy's Baking Company (ABC) in Scottsdale. However, Ramsay quickly realizes that his help is both unwanted and vehemently rejected by the restaurant's two owners, Samy and Amy Bouzaglo.

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The Bouzaglos Steal Their Servers' Tips

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From the start, the Bouzaglos came off as completely unlikeable people with unscrupulous business practices. Viewers were appalled as they watched the pair steal their servers' tips and pass off frozen, packaged ravioli as "homemade." At one point, Amy fired a waitress for asking a simple question, claiming the young woman had a "tone" and an "attitude." 

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Too Far Gone

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Amy refused to take any of Ramsay's advice, and she appeared defensive, argumentative, and--frankly--mentally unstable. At the end of the episode, Ramsay decided that the pair were "too far gone," and he discontinued the production shoot--a first for him and for the show. Naturally, the internet LOVED it.

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Backlash for Stealing Tips

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After the episode aired, viewers flooded the Amy's Baking Company Facebook page with negative comments. People were outraged that the owners stole tips from their employees, and many pointed out that in addition to the store-bought ravioli, most of the photographs of incredible baked goods appeared to have been "borrowed" from other bakery sites online. It didn't take long for Redditors to get involved, and by Monday evening the ABC Facebook page had gained tens of thousands of very angry, very vocal "fans" who all had something to say to Amy and Samy Bouzaglo.

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God and the FBI on Their Side

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What happened next is what makes this story so deliciously engrossing. Instead of remaining silent while web users vented their spleens on their Facebook and Twitter pages, the Bouzaglos started posting angry responses. Lots and lots of angry responses. Using profanity and the dreaded Caps Lock, Amy and Samy took turns railing at their critics, threatening legal action against them, claiming to have God (and the FBI) on their side, and more. Naturally, the good people of the internet responded with laughter and more taunts, because that is what web users do.

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The Bouzaglos Have a History of Fighting Back

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Soon we found out that this isn't the first time these particular restaurant owners have responded to online critics in a negative and childish manner. Internet sleuths and journalists unearthed posts on Yelp from 2010, in which both owners personally attacked Yelpers who left negative reviews for their bistro. Bad form.

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Amy's Criminal Record

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^^This is an actual quote from Amy, btw.

A few short days after the episode aired, Amy's criminal record had been brought to light; turns out she spent some time in prison for identity theft and fraud a few years ago. Basically, their public tirade did nothing but draw more fire to them, ruining their reputation and brand, and most likely dooming their already-failing restaurant. They hired a Public Relations person and have claimed that they didn't post those angry responses, hackers did; but clearly, the damage had been done.

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Just Can't Look Away

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From a humor perspective, this was the ultimate spectacle. What is funnier than watching people freak out in public? Moreover, the Bouzaglos displayed such flagrant and willful ignorance about how the internet, and indeed, how the world works, that it became like a train wreck. We simply couldn't look away.

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God's Child

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^^ Another actual Amy quote.

Here we see what one should never, ever do on social media if one does not want to become a public laughing stock. Once web users smell blood in the water (i.e., after the first time the Bouzaglos actually replied to their critics on Facebook), they circle like sharks and attack en masse. This is Trolling 101.

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We Can All Learn From These Noobs

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​Since the Bouzaglos are clearly internet Noobs, they handled everything all wrong. Sure, it was funny for us to watch the drama unfold, and Americans in general love to have someone new to hate, but we can all learn something from this public meltdown.

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Trolls Keep Going Until They Get Bored

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All trolls want to do is get under your skin, and if you let them, they'll keep going until they get bored. Arguing, denying, begging, and throwing tantrums does nothing but feed the trolls and perpetuate the situation. 

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Don't Fight the Trolls

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If you ever find yourself under web scrutiny, never try to fight megaliths like Reddit, Yelp, 4Chan, etc. Just put on your big kid pants, keep your cool and your sense of humor, and wait for it all to blow over. 

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The Moral of the Story

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Web users are usually quick to forgive (or forget), provided that you don't act like a total jerk. That's where the Bouzaglos went wrong!

In September 2015, two years after their public shaming, Amy's Baking Company closed its doors for good. Never fear, though! We'll always have these funny memes... because the internet is forever.