The Top 24 Contestants from Season 7 of "American Idol"

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Meet the Top 24 from Season 7

The seventh season of the hugely popular show "American Idol" aired in 2008. It featured 24 singers competing to be the new "Idol." Host Ryan Seacrest was joined by judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson. Read on for more about season seven's top 24 contestants.

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Garrett Haley

Meet Garrett Haley Photo of Garrett Haley. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Contestant Garrett Haley is from Elida, Ohio. He was only 17 years old and a high school junior when he appeared on the show. Haley now lives in Ohio with his family and works at a local factory.

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Robbie Carrico

Meet Robbie Carrico Photo of Robbie Carrico. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Robbie Carrico is from Melbourne, Fla. Before his "American Idol" stint, Carrico was in a band called Boyz N Girlz United. Carrico got into some controversy during "Idol" when it was revealed that he probably wore a wig.

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Ramiele Malubay

Meet Ramiele Malubay Photo of Ramiele Malubay. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Ramiele Malubay is from Miramar, Fla., and is a petite 4-feet-11-inches tall. She finished ninth on the show.

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Michael Johns

Meet Michael Johns Photo of Michael Johns. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Michael Johns, originally from Los Angeles, died in 2014 of natural causes as the result of a disease called dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart becomes weakened and enlarged. Johns was survived by his wife.

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Colton Berry

Meet Colton Berry Photo of Colton Berry. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Colton Berry comes from Staunton, Va. After the show, he founded The Kaleidoscope Theater in Houston, but it closed in 2016.

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Brooke White

Meet Brooke White Photo of Brooke White. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

A native of Mesa, Ariz., Brooke White finished the show in fifth place. After "Idol" filmed, White recorded an album that judge Randy Jackson produced.

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David Cook

Meet David Cook Photo of David Cook. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

David Cook is from Blue Springs, Mont. After winning the season, Cook went on to forge a successful solo singing career. He moved to Nashville in 2012 and incorporated country influences into his music.

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Luke Menard

Meet Luke Menard Photo of Luke Menard. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Luke Menard from Crawfordsville, Ind., learned he had cancer in 2009. After successfully battling the illness, Menard went on to start a family and continue his musical career.

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Kristy Lee Cook

Meet Kristy Lee Cook Photo of Kristy Lee Cook. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Kristy Lee Cook is from Selma, Ore. She has continued to stay in the spotlight by hosting her own television program on The Outdoor Channel, titled “Outdoors 10 Best,” and starring in the Versus reality series, “Goin’ Country.” 

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Kady Malloy

Meet Kady Malloy Photo of Kady Malloy. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Kady Malloy was 18 when the show filmed and comes from Houston. She became known on the show for her excellent impersonations, including an uncanny rendition of Britney Spears.

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Jason Castro

Meet Jason Castro Photo of Jason Castro. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Jason Castro is from Rockwall, Texas. He finished fourth on the show and followed up the season by releasing several solo albums. In 2016, he formed a band called Castro with his sister and brother. 

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Amanda Overmyer

Meet Amanda Overmyer Photo of Amanda Overmyer. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Amanda Overmyer is from Mulberry, Ind. Known for her bluesy and classic-rock style, Overmyer has continued to make music and owns a record label based in Indiana.

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Joanne Borgella

Meet Joanne Borgella Photo of Joanne Borgella. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Joanne Borgella, originally from Hoboken, N.J., died in 2014 after a battle with cancer. She was 32 years old.

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Jason Yeager

Meet Jason Yeager Photo of Jason Yeager. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Jason Yeager is from Grand Prairie, Texas. He also appeared on the first season of "Making the Band," the MTV reality show that led to the formation of the boy band O-Town.

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David Hernandez

Meet David Hernandez Photo of David Hernandez. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

David Hernandez is from Glendale, Ariz. Since competing on the show, he has continued to work in music and entertainment. Among other accomplishments, he sang at the Inaugural Kick-Off Celebration ball for President Barack Obama

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David Archuleta

Meet David Archuleta Photo of David Archuleta. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

David Archuleta hails from Murray, Utah. He finished second on "American Idol" and went on to record several albums and appear in a TV show in the Philippines. 

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Danny Noriega

Meet Danny Noriega Photo of Danny Noriega. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Danny Noriega is originally from Azuza, Calif., and is now known as Adore Delano. Delano is a recording artist and drag performer, and she was a top-three finalist on season six of "RuPaul’s Drag Race." 

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Chikezie Eze

Meet Chikezie Eze Photo of Chikezie Eze. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Chikezie Eze hails from Inglewood, Calif. He finished tenth on the show.

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Asia'H Epperson

Meet Asia'H Epperson Photo of Asia'H Epperson. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Asia'H Epperson is from Joplin, Mo. She has appeared in several films since appearing on "American Idol." 

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Alexandrea Lushington

Meet Alexandrea Lushington Photo of Alexandrea Lushington. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Since the show, Alexandrea Lushington has returned to her hometown of Atlanta, graduated from college and devoted her career to making her own music and helping other musicians.

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Carly Smithson

Meet Carly Smithson Photo of Carly Smithson. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Carly Smithson of San Diego placed sixth on the show. She has continued to work in music since leaving "American Idol" and performed on the show's "grand finale" in 2016.

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Amy Davis

Meet Amy Davis Photo of Amy Davis. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Amy Davis is from Lowell, Ind. She previously worked as a model and, after "American Idol," continued to sing.

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Alaina Whitaker

Meet Alaina Whitaker Photo of Alaina Whitaker. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Alaina Whitaker is from Tulsa, Okla. After the show, she returned to Tulsa to finish her high school degree and pursue her musical career.

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Syesha Mercado

Meet Syesha Mercado Photo of Syesha Mercardo. 'American Idol' photos are courtesy of Fox.

Syesha Mercado is from Sarasota, Fla. After finishing "Idol" in third place, Mercado appeared on several other TV shows and has acted in Broadway musicals.