Find Work-From-Home Medical Transcriptionist Jobs

Becoming a work-from-home medical transcriptionist can be a good option for people with excellent typing skills and some medical knowledge. Companies hiring for these positions usually require experience, but some also consider candidates who have recently completed a certification program.

Medical transcriptionists listen to voice recordings from doctors, nurses, or other medical practitioners and transcribe the recordings into notes or other documents for patients' medical files. They may also work with insurance companies completing medical reports.

Required Training

Medical transcriptionists usually need to have postsecondary training, which would be either a one-year certificate program or a two-year associate degree. The types of courses required in these programs include anatomy, medical terminology, medical-legal issues, and grammar and punctuation.

There are two types of certifications: registered medical transcriptionist (RMT) and certified medical transcriptionist (CMT). Certifications require an initial exam, and then periodic retesting or continuing education.

Other Skills Needed 

To become a medical transcriptionist you will need to be a detail-oriented person with fast and accurate typing skills. You will also need an excellent understanding of grammar, punctuation, and style. As a remote worker, you need to be able to work independently and under the pressure of close timeframes. Since you will be listening to recorded information, you need excellent hearing and listening skills.

Equipment Needed

When working as an at-home or remote medical transcriptionist, you'll usually need the same basic equipment that a general transcriber uses. That includes a computer with reliable, high-speed internet access, a headset, a foot pedal, and sometimes specialized transcription software. In many cases, the company that hires you will provide the software and equipment. 

Companies That Hire Medical Transcriptionists 

There are several companies that will hire medical transcriptionists to remote work positions. Availability will vary by company and their hiring policies may change without notice.

Ascend Healthcare Systems

Person working a medical transcription job from home using a laptop
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Ascend Healthcare Systems has opportunities for medical transcriptionists and quality assurance specialists with a minimum of three years of experience. Candidates must pass a background check and agree to a 90-day probation period. 

Eight Crossing

Eight Crossing recruits often for medical transcription jobs based in its Sacramento office, as well as home-based positions. The company prefers candidates with at least two years of medical transcription experience but will also consider applicants who have graduated from approved training programs.  


To work as an independent contractor medical transcriptionist for FastChart, applicants must first fill out an online prequalification form and submit a resume. If approved, applicants then need to pass a medical language and terminology test, as well as a typing test.


iMedX is a provider of health information and clinical documentation. The company offers full-time and part-time medical transcription jobs for various work-from-home shifts throughout the day and night. Applicants must have some medical transcription experience and pass a test that is specific to the medical specialty area(s) of the position. 


M*Modal calls its work-from-home transcriptionists "clinical documentation specialists." To qualify for a position, candidates must have one year of recent work experience as a medical transcriptionist or be a recent graduate of a certified transcription program.

Nuance Transcription Services

Nuance Transcription Services hires medical transcriptionists for full-time and part-time (at least 20 hours) work. To be considered, candidates must have at least one year of acute-care transcription experience in a wide range of specialties and be willing to transcribe recordings made by people whose first language is not English.  

Nuance has acquired many other transcription companies over the years, including Accentus, Focus Infomatics, OSi, Encompass Medical Transcription, Webmedx, Transcend Services, and Probity. 

Other Work-From-Home Medical Jobs

Medical transcription is just one type of work-from-home medical job. If you don't think it's a good fit for you, then consider other positions, such as a customer care representative, medical billing or coding specialist, writer, or illustrator. You may also want to consider nonmedical transcription jobs as well.