McCoy Pottery Marks

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Clown in Barrel Mark

McCoy Clown in Barrel Jar. (c)eBay Seller ddchase85

McCoy Pottery Company authentic, as well as marks, are shown on "fake" McCoy items. Feel free to submit a McCoy mark for the gallery.

This is the mark on the very rare McCoy Clown in Barrel cookie jar. Only three are known to exist, but sample runs normally consisted of six jars. So the question is, are there more out there?

Picture of the jar and sold price.

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McCoy Crayon Kids Canister Mark

Crayon Kids Canister Mark. Barbara Crews

Base of the McCoy Canister, also known as the Crayon Kids Canister

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McCoy Happy Face Mark

Happy Face Cookie Jar Marks. Barbara Crews

The mark ​is shown at the bottom of the McCoy Happy Face cookie jar.

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McCoy Globe Cookie Jar Mark

McCoy Globe Cookie Jar. Barbara Crews

The mark ​is shown on the bottom of the McCoy World Globe cookie jar.

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McCoy Locomotive Cookie Jar

McCoy Locomotive Jar. Barbara Crews

McCoy mark on the bottom of the McCoy Locomotive cookie jar.

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McCoy Thinking Puppy Cookie Jar mark

Thinking Puppy Mark. Barbara Crews

McCoy mark on the bottom of the McCoy Thinking Puppy cookie jar.

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McCoy Planter Mark

McCoy Planter Mark. Barbara Crews

Closeup of McCoy planter mark on bottom of the piece.

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Coalby Cat Pottery Mark

Coalby Cat Mark. Barbara Crews

Close of the USA mark on the bottom of the McCoy Coalby Cat cookie jar. McCoy is not shown on the jar, just this U.S.A. mark.

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McCoy Barnum Crackers

Barnum Animal Cracker Jar. Barbara Crews

Closeup of McCoy's Barnum Animal Cracker jar base.

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Fake McCoy Mark on Uncle Sam Vase

FAKE McCoy Mark. Barbara Crews

This mark is from the bottom of a reproduction/fake Uncle Sam vase.

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FAKE Little Red Riding Hood Mark

FAKE Little Red Riding Hood Mark. Barbara Crews

This mark is from a fake McCoy Little Red Riding Hood Jar. McCoy never made such a jar!

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McCoy Mark: Hamms Bear

Hamms Bear Mark. Barbara Crews

Mark on the McCoy Hamms Bear cookie jar.​

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McCoy Mammy Mark

Courtesy of eBay Seller GenieBlue2

Closeup of McCoy's Mammy mark on base.

This mark is slightly different than those seen in books and elsewhere, but the jar appears to be authentic. Any thoughts?

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McCoy Squirrel Cookie Jar Mark

Squirrel Cookie Jar. Courtesy of eBay Seller Taylor

Mark on the rare McCoy Squirrel cookie jar.

Find out more about the jar and values in the McCoy Cookie Jar Gallery.

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Cauliflower Mammy Mark

Mark from Cauliflower Mammy. © Theodore Kotsiakos

This is from the Cauliflower McCoy Mammy, lots of crazing on this jar!

For more information on the jar, including an image, click here.