Maurice Mitchell

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Maurice Mitchell.


  • Science-fiction and comic book film critic, blogger, and journalist with over 10 years of experience, especially with regards to writing about "Superman" books and films
  • Founded two blogs: The Geek Twins and Film Sketchr with his twin brother, which have over 200 articles and reviews
  • Published on the Huffington Post, io9, and Business Insider


Maurice Mitchell is a former writer for ThoughtCo who spent just under a year writing articles that focus on "Superman," comic book heroes, and science fiction. Mitchell has been a writer and graphic designer for over 10 years and his writing and illustrations have been featured in national websites like Business Insider, io9, and Slashfilm. He runs The Geek Twins and Film Sketchr blogs with his twin brother, Nigel Mitchell. The Geek Twins focuses on science fiction in television, movies, and cutting-edge technology while Film Sketchr is dedicated to showcasing preproduction art and storyboarding in science fiction films. 




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