Matt Cohen | General Hospital Actor

matt cohen as dr. griffin munro
matt cohen as dr. griffin munro. abc, inc.

A Doctor Shortage

General Hospital (the hospital itself) was short on doctors after Patrick Drake left. 

After all, it is a hospital show. So the producers brought on another doc to lighten the load of Lucas Jones and the annoying Dr. Mayes -- one Griffin Monro.

Monro at this point is a mystery man. He's currently stalking Anna, though he did not have a chance to explain the reason to her. Long-lost son? No one knows yet.

The New Doc

The actor playing Griffin is Matt Cohen, and who wouldn't want him at the bedside? He has a strong background, having starred in the TV series South of Nowhere and Rockville, CA. Most recently, he portrayed Levi Sutter on How to Get Away with Murder.

The Miami, Florida native has had a varied career. In high school, he was a sportsman, playing football, running track, and autoracing. He graduated with honors. 

After graduating with a degree in business from Florida State, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

It seems like the acting aspiration came out of the blue, but it did not.

Cohen says, "It had been a closet dream for awhile. I love to entertain, and I never did it...I'd joke around [saying] I want to be an actor one day, and nobody would really buy it.

"...I was kind of lost in my life and I wanted to go live somewhere else besides Florida. I moved to California with the intent of changing my life a little and I just became overwhelmed with a passion for the entertainment business. I began taking an acting class and that was that. I fell in love."

Cohen says that his father's advice motivated him as well. "My dad’s my best friend and gave me the best advice. Never start something you don’t finish. If I was serious about acting I needed to move L.A. I came out here by myself. I had that in my mind the whole time. I’m not gonna start this and in three months go home—as long as it takes, I’m going to be here."

It is the rare person who decides to go into show business and has an easy time of it, even someone with Cohen's dreamy good looks. 

Life in L.A.

"I came out here about ten months before I got South of Nowhere," he says. "It was rough. I was out here by myself and I was going on some auditions. ...Ten months later I went in for the audition and ended up booking it. All of the sudden things fell into place and I met this manager."

Cohen was a big hit as the lead character, Aiden Dennison, during the show's three-year run on The N channel. The N channel was a time-sharing channel with Nickelodeon, and today is known as TeenNick.

Cohen played a high schooler, and he was one of the older ones in the cast -- 23 when the show began (born in 1982). Marisa Lauren was 25, and Danso Gordon was 26, playing characters between the ages of 16 and 18. That's show biz - if you're young and working with people around your age, no one knows the difference.

South of Nowhere was important not only career-wise but personally. He met his future wife, Mandy Musgrave, who played Ashley. They married in 2011 and are the proud parents of a boy, born in April 2015.

Next for Cohen was a WB series, Rockville CA, in which he played Sid, followed by CW's Supernatural as young John Winchester, a role which recurred again later in the series. He played Jeremy in several episodes of 90210, and three episodes as the Sheriff in Cowgirl Up, a web series he produced and directed, featuring Mandy Musgrave. He also produced The Outside, an independent film with some of the South of Nowhere cast, and a comedy, Hard Crime.

Additionally, he has done films, including Boogeyman 2, Dark House, Chain Letter, and guest appearances: NCIS, The O.C., The Client List, Melissa & Joey, Criminal Minds, and others.

Now he's on General Hospital, and I would bet that, given his resume, the producers are hoping to attract that coveted 18-49 demographic. I think it was a wise move, but those outside of that age group love watching him too.

In the future, he wants to keep working as an actor. "I’m not here for the fame or pictures or parties," he says. 

Personal Life

Cohen is a philosophical guy, and one who feels he has been changed by the power of love and family. He claims never to have dated much, calling dates "weird," so it seems natural that he met his wife in a work situation.

He does tell this story about one girlfriend: "I designed a tattoo for a girl once and she got it, which I thought was pretty cool. We no longer speak. She'll always remember me, though, I can guarantee that."

Of Mandy, he says, "She’s the best mom and wife, so supportive. I don’t know how I got so lucky, my life could’ve been very different. Pre-her, I was a different human. My soul and my heart are different. Life’s so much harder but so much easier." 

On their son's birth: "[Mandy] labored in the house for 70 or 80 hours and then at the last second the cord got wrapped around his arm so we had to go to the hospital. He was a huge baby, 22 inches long and 10 pounds. I look at him and my wife sitting on the floor playing and I’m like, 'I’m so sorry.' But she's so kickass about everything!"

When he has time, he still loves to race, adding, "I have a passion and a talent for auto and motorcycle racing."

To those aspiring to the craft of acting, he says, "Only pursue it if you are truly passionate about making art. It is not difficult to keep your feet on the ground. You must just be a good human. All these fame- driven maniacs that act like they deserve the world on a silver platter have just forgotten why they are on this earth. We are here to teach and help one another."