Before You Buy Maternity Clothes for Moms of Multiples

What to Wear When You're Having Twins or More

maternity clothes for moms of multiples
What to Wear When You're Having Twins. Petri Artturi Asikainen / Getty Images

When you're pregnant with twins, triplets or more, finding clothes that fit can be quite a challenge. Not only do you need maternity sizes and styles earlier in your pregnancy, but you will outgrow your options in double time. Here are some tips for finding functional fashions and getting the most for your money when shopping for maternity clothes when you're having twins or more.

Start Early: First Trimester Options

Many women outgrow their clothes early in the first trimester, a sure sign that there is more than one baby! While early weight gain is actually beneficial in a multiple pregnancy it can be frustrating when none of your clothes fit. To make it through the first trimester, wear a slightly larger size of clothing that will accommodate your blossoming waist. Borrow from a bigger friend, raid your husband's closet, or invest in some inexpensive new duds. You may be able to use them again postpartum.

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Expanding Your Options: The Second Trimester

In mid-pregnancy, maternity clothes will likely fit fine. Shop one size larger than your pre-pregnancy size to get more wear out of your clothes. Waistbands that sit below your belly instead of stretching across it may be a good option. Avoid skirts or dresses with hemlines above the knee; they'll ride up as you grow larger and you'll risk overexposing your thighs.

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Anything Goes: The Third Trimester

By the time you reach the final trimester of pregnancy, anything goes. If it covers you and keeps you comfortable, wear it. If you've outgrown standard maternity sizes, check out the plus size department of a discount store for larger options. Stick with soft, flexible fabrics for comfort.

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Beg, Borrow or Buy Used

Cut your costs by taking advantage of any offers to borrow clothing. Many multiples clubs have maternity closets and will loan or swap used clothing. Consignment shops are also a good bet for bargains.

If The Shoe Fits...

Even if you've forgotten what your feet look like because your belly's in the way, you still need to think about your shoes. Don't be surprised if your pre-pregnancy shoes don't fit. Pregnancy hormones loosen up your ligaments and the bones of your feet can actually shift slightly. Buy some comfortable shoes in a larger size. Slip-ons are best; bending over to tie your shoes becomes pretty challenging!

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Buy Basics

Because maternity wear has a pretty limited shelf life (nine months max!), you don't want to overdo it. Buy a few basic pieces and indulge in some fun accessories to dress them up or down. Bottoms in standard colors like khaki, black and navy will see you through any season or event. Mix and match with a variety of tops and blouses. Spice things up with bright colors or fancy patterns so you don't get bored.

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Support: Underneath it All

Your waistline isn't the only thing that expands during pregnancy with twins or more. You'll probably find that your breasts are bigger, and you'll need to upsize your bra. A maternity bra provides support and comfort and it's never too early to invest in one. Consult an experienced salesperson for fit advice, and leave yourself room to grow. In addition, a pregnancy girdle can ease back discomfort and support your belly.

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What You Really Need

Before you totally restock your closet, be practical about what you'll really need. Remember that a good percentage of multiple pregnancies end earlier than singletons; you may not be pregnant as long as you think. Even if you escape preterm labor, extended bed rest or hospitalization, in all likelihood, you will be cutting back on your work or social schedule by the end of the second trimester. What you'll really need to sustain you through your pregnancy is a few basic, comfortable outfits.

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