Supplies and Raw Materials for Making Goats' Milk Soap

Hand Milled Soap, Essential Oils and Other Supplies

It's very easy to make goats' milk soap from scratch. Find out what supplies and raw materials you need to make your own goats' milk soap. This articles provides information about the basics and add-ons such as essential oils, herbs, flowers and grated fruit peel.

The supplies and raw materials suggested are to make 22 ounces of cured goats' milk soap. Cured means what you'll have after the soap is heated and dried. Of course, if you are making a business out of this, you'll be multiplying the amount of raw materials.  These instructions give you a good base to start with to see if you even enjoy this type of craft. 

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Plastic mold with soap product. Maire Loughran

Before you can get started you need to assemble your supplies. For approximately 22 ounces of cured soap, you will need the following - you may already have many in your kitchen:

  • Covered saucepan that can hold six cups of water and can be placed in a 200-degree oven
  • Plastic or wooden stirring spoon 
  • Set of measuring cups
  • Professional soap making mold. If you are just trying this out for fun, you can use a muffin tin, loaf pan, some other kitchen item as a mold
  • Wire cookie or cake rack 
  • Knife to cut the soap

There are many vendors selling soap making supplies online and in craft shops. One large online vendor is Soap Crafters. It's worth a peak at their website to see what types of supplies are available even if you don't purchase from them.

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Raw Materials

Hand Milled Soap Shreds. Maire Loughran

You also need the following raw materials:

  • One pound soap block that has been hand-milled. To cut down on the amount of prep work you have to do, many vendors sell the blocks already hand-milled. Looking at the Soap Crafters website - they call this 'soap noodles').
  • One cup goats' white or soy milk. Just about any unflavored milk will do and all these types of milk are readily available at most grocery or health food stores. Of course, if you are advertising this as goats' milk soap - use goats' milk. 
  • One cup of carrier oil such as sweet almond, grapeseed of olive oil. Olive oil is a kitchen staple. However, other types of oils contain different properties - sweet almond is the most popular for soap making.
  • Cooking spray or oil mister 
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Essential Oils, Herb, Flower and Plant Add-Ons

Dried Lavender. Maire Loughran

These raw materials are optional:

  • Essential oils. While more expensive, make sure you buy pure essential oils rather than 'perfumery' type of oils. These oils don't have any artificial additives and make for a more professional healthy product. Since they tend to be expensive, start out by buying a few different types at the health food store. If you decide this is a type of craft you want to pursue, you can save money by purchasing them wholesale and even learn how to make your own blends!
  • Grated fruit skin such as lemon, grapefruit or orange
  • Herbs, flowers and berries. Collect these from your garden, many health food stores sell them by the pound.

My essential oil page contains mind, body spirit properties of popular essential oils.

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Essential Oil Disclaimer

It's important to remember that just because essential oils are natural, it doesn't mean that based on your physical health and situation they can't be harmful to you.

Essential oils should normally never be used undiluted and should NEVER be ingested. It is your responsibility to consult a suitably qualified medical practitioner to ensure that you will not have any medical problems from the use of any essential or carrier oil.

Ready to get started making your soap? Here are the instructions for cooking, mixing, drying and curing your goats' milk soap.