Maryland Child Support Calculator

Calculate child support in Maryland using this tool

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The state of Maryland uses specific guidelines to determine the amount of child support received. Parents who want to estimate either how much child support they owe, or how much child support they will receive, should use Maryland's interactive child support calculator, which is provided by the state. Maryland offers two different online child support calculators, based on whether the parents share custody or whether one parent has sole custody.

Anyone in custody of a child is eligible for Maryland child support services, which can extend beyond parents to aunts, uncles, grandparents, and more. Parents and other family members in custody can also use the Maryland Child Support Calculator to estimate the amount of child support that is owed based on Maryland's child support guidelines.

Tips for Using the Child Support Calculator

  • Recognize that the calculator is meant to be for informational purposes only and is to be used as an estimate only. The CSEA or court may ultimately approve a higher or lower amount.
  • Determine if one parent is involved for primary physical custody or if there is shared custody. Child support guidelines vary for shared physical custody. Generally speaking, more information is required on the shared custody worksheet provided by the state.
  • The calculator estimates monthly child support payments based on Maryland's current child support guidelines and may change over time. There are about 10-20 questions that are asked to come up with the estimation. Some of these questions may include the number of children involved, the gross monthly income of the noncustodial parent, the cost of daycare paid by the custodial parent, and more. It is recommended to review the questions asked and prepare calculated costs appropriately rather than ballparking costs for an immediate estimate.

How Parents Can Request Child Support in Maryland 

  • Child support services are provided free of charge for those looking to apply that are receiving Temporary Cash or Medical Assistance. Others can complete an application at the local child support office with a $15 fee. This $15 fee is annual for those who have received at least $3,500 per year since every October 1st and if they have never received TCA for the child support case at hand.
  • The office will need to know an array of information including the full name and address of both parents, dates of birth and social security numbers, and the marriage license or other legal documents to acknowledge paternity. Additional information about the parents and/or children may be requested, such as birth certificates, employment information, or photographs.

What Parents Who Owe Child Support in Maryland Should Know

  • Child support must be paid for children up to the age of 18. Specifically, it must be paid through the child's senior year of high school, up until he or she turns 19 years old or graduates.
  • There is a toll-free number available for Maryland child support information which deals with both general inquiries and payment questions: 1-800-332-6347. Child Protective Services are available between 8:30 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.