Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Cheat Codes for Xbox 360

Unlock all characters, wallpapers, modes, and more cheats

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is an action role-playing game starring the superheroes and villains from the Marvel Comics franchise. The Xbox 360 version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance has cheat codes that unlock all characters and other secrets.

These cheats are for the Xbox 360 version. There are separate cheats for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on PS2 and PS3.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance game on PS3.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Cheat Code List

Press the following buttons on the Xbox 360 controller at the indicated screen to unlock cheats. Some cheat codes must be entered more than once for activation. You'll hear a sound confirming the correct code entry.

Activating cheats will prevent you from earning Gamerscore points from achievements.

Cheat When to Enter Code
100,000 Gold Coins From the Team menu Up, Up, Up, Left, Right, Left, Start
Level 99 Team From the Team menu Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right, Start
Unlock The Courses During Comic Book Missions Up, Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Start
Unlock All Cinematics From the Review menu Up, Left, Left, Up, Right, Right, Up, Start
Unlock All Comics From the Review menu Left, Right, Right, Left, Up Up, Right, Start
Unlock All Concept Art From the Review menu Down, Down, Down, Right, Right, Left, Down, Start
Unlock All Wallpapers From the Review menu Up, Down, Right, Left, Up, Up, Down, Start
Unlock All Costumes From the Start or Hero Management menus Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Start
Unlock All Powers From the Start or Hero Management menus Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Start
Full Energy Bar During gameplay Left, Right, Right, Left, Up, Down, Down, Up, Start
God Mode (Invincibility) During gameplay Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Start
Super Speed During gameplay Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Start
Destroy Enemies on Contact During gameplay Left, Right, Down, Down, Right, Left, Start
Unlock Most Characters From the Start or Hero Management menus Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Start
Unlock Dare Devil At the Shield Access Point Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Start
Unlock Silver Surfer At the Shield Access Point Down, Left, Left, Up, Right, Up, Down, Left, Start

How to Unlock Secret Characters

It's possible to unlock all characters without using cheat codes.

Character How to Unlock
Nick Fury Beat the game on Easy or Normal.
Daredevil Collect the five Daredevil action figures.
Black Panther Collect the five Black Panther action figures.
Dr. Strange Save Dr. Strange in Mandarin's Palace.
Ghost Rider Trade places with Ghost Rider in Hell to save his soul.
Blade Beat toy grab minigame in the Carnival in Murderworld.
Silver Surfer Defeat Galactus on the Skrull Throneworld.

How to Unlock Hard Mode

Beat the game on normal difficulty to unlock hard mode. When you start a new game in hard mode, you'll begin with your old stats, gear, and abilities. You'll also be able to continue leveling up your powers, even if you maxed out your characters in normal mode.

How to Earn Easy Experience and Money

Go to the area in Mephisto's Realm where you have to throw demon jumpers into a fire to lower a pedestal. When you defeat the demons, more will automatically spawn, so keep killing them to earn unlimited money, experience, and energy refills.

How to Unlock Alternate Costumes

Unlock the second and third costumes for characters as they level up. Complete the Combat Training challenge with each character to unlock their fourth costume.