Mars Taurus with Zodiac Signs

Couple walking towards hot tub
 skynesher / Getty Images

Mars Taurus is a slow mover but has an instinct for practical magic. You are a doer, but it might take awhile to get the wheels moving. Once you're on the move, it's hard for you to change tack—you are fixed on your path, and can become inert or stuck at times. Mars in this earth sign are naturalists, with heightened senses. 

Mars in Taurus Qualities

  • You're a sensualist, with a natural attitude toward sex. You have bodily presence and fully surrender to the physical side of life.
  • Mars in Taurus style is direct and uncomplicated. For you, sex is as fundamental as eating—and just as necessary. Because you're confident in your body, you have fewer hang-ups and can be an uninhibited lover. Few people can match you when it comes to endurance, once you get going.
  • Your tastes tend toward the organic and no-frills. You don't need a lot of gizmos, just a relaxed place to let your hair down. Pleasing your partner is important to you, so you're usually willing to follow your lover's lead. Your motto could be, "if it feels good, do it."
  • You prefer natural looks to someone made-up and smelling of perfume. You're the slow hand, who likes to draw out the appetizers of intimacy, before the main course. 

Mars in Taurus Combined With Your Sun Sign

  • Mars Taurus with Sun in Aries—You have the staying power to back up your impulsive nature. You're more likely to finish what you've started, and to be loyal. 
  • Mars Taurus with Sun in Taurus—A hedonist who puts pleasure high on the list. You're ultra stubborn if you're not in sync with another.  Your instincts for creating a cozy nest wins you friends.
  • Mars Taurus with Sun in Gemini—You're more sensual than many Geminis. You've got a calm, steady hand to balance out your nervous nature. So many ideas swirl, but you act on the ones that are most likely to bear fruits.  
  • Mars Taurus with Sun in Cancer—Cozy places and comfort foods put you in the mood. You don't like to be pushed into anything and will put up defenses against meddling. You prefer a relaxed night at home to being out and about.
  • Mars Taurus with Sun in Leo—Being admired and enjoying the good life opens your generous heart. You take your creations very seriously and can be sensitive to judgment. You put on a sensual show in the boudoir. 
  • Mars Taurus with Sun in Virgo—You're able to lose your worries and self-consciousness in sensuality. It's rewarding for you to share a worthwhile goal with your mate. You admire self-sufficiency, and abhor those that play the victim or squander their time or talent.
  • Mars Taurus with Sun in Libra—Your animal nature is strong, and a nice complement to your active intellect. Here both Venus signs are represented, for love that's ethereal and earthy. Art and music, and beauty in general are big motivators.
  • Mars Taurus with Sun in Scorpio—Your sex life can be a private cave where secrets are kept close to the heart. If you act on impulse, you sometimes have to retreat and act cool for a while. 
  • Mars Taurus with Sun in Sagittarius—You're an unforgettable lover, but perhaps not a steadfast one. You can be matter-of-fact about attraction, which can be startling to more sensitive lovers. 
  • Mars Taurus with Sun in Capricorn—You pride yourself on being a good lover, and taking your sweet time. If it's not worth your while, you'll likely not bother.  
  • Mars Taurus with Sun in Aquarius—You're experimental and might look to wild animals for inspiration. You might have conflict between your more detached nature, and your creaturely desires. 
  • Mars Taurus with Sun in Pisces—You're super romantic, and express your love by enchanting the senses. You're steadfast in your affection, once you've found a safe harbor.