Mars in Pisces

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If you were born with Mars in Pisces, you flounder and feel lost when you try to conform to the wishes of others. 

You find your confidence—and physical vitality—when you act on a sense of being led by signs, dreams, and intuition.

What Moves You?

Mars shows what motivates us, and what activates that surge of physical vitality that sets goals in motion. And Pisces is a water sign that feels everything, to the point of being empathic and often psychic. They act on dreams, emotional states, and spiritual longings. 

Since Mars Pisces is so open and often without boundaries, many instinctively protect themselves by staying in the background. This allows them to observe the full dimensions of what's happening, and act when the time is right.   

Not everyone will understand the Mars-Pisces person and may judge them as passive, or losers who don't jump on opportunities. But the secret gift here is their ability to give over to a bigger wave and ride it to an outcome that's sensed at the soul level. 

Mars Pisces Speaks

For real-life insight, Angel Lopez from the Astrology Realness blog provides some realizations he's had. His Sun is Aries, and he's got Mars in Pisces. He's in the movie business, as well as being a writer and an astrologer.

From Angel Lopez: 

"Here is what it's like for me as a Mars Pisces. It can feel like a blessing and a curse. At times, I feel very in tune with the physical rhythms of my life. Simply put, I have good timing and strike when the spirit moves me.
But at other times, I feel as if I'm moving through cobwebs. I can be detached from the moment and, in those times, fail to react in a quick, Aries-like way. Instead I stand still and observe or cower within what feels like my own fear of movement. In those moments, it's not fun.
Overall, my Mars Pisces is what makes me the strong spiritual warrior that I am. While others are more greatly compelled to action by challenging issues facing the world we live in, I am more compelled by what affects the soul. I want to affect change from the inside out. That is why I write. That is why I create. And that is definitely why I am an astrologer."


This is a tricky Mars, given that Pisces is the final sign, and one of wrapping things up and returning to the source. To understand Mars Pisces, let's consider Pisces and its ruler Neptune, and the power of moving with a force that encompasses, but is greater than the Self. 

The Mars Pisces person finds it hard to get angry at someone, because they see the reasons for the behavior, and have great compassion. They see the good in even the darkest characters and have to be cautious about falling into the victim role. 

Living in the Material World

The vitality of Mars that's so attuned to the soul makes you different because you're not motivated by worldly gain. You can grow despondent without a creative pursuit, and the catharsis that comes from fully expresses all that's inside you.

You shine when you actively share your awareness of those subtle realities that are often missed. You act to bring enchantment back into the topside world and with it a sense of wonder.

This is an artistic Mars that's often got a sense of devotion about self-expression. You may be talented in music or visual arts, and other symbolic mediums. With this Mars, you want to be a channel for a variety of soulful expressions. There's a natural path there to wear many faces (as with acting) or embody the language of the soul (dance, poetry).

Mars in Pisces people can also be gifted healers since they are so empathic. They have to work hard, though, to avoid "taking on" the dramas and traumas of others. In relationships, they move tentatively towards a new love and will recoil around brusque, crude behavior.

They're likely to just escape from a bad situation, rather than deal with major confrontations. Someone that comes on too strong will cause them to swim away.

Going with the Flow

The sign of the Fishes swims in two directions, and Mars here can seem just as unpredictable. You are a sensitive Mars that leads with your heart, often coming to the aid of others, especially the vulnerable.

Mars in Pisces is the champion of the underdog and the forsaken. And these natives can also seem rudderless at times, or take a passive approach to situations. The ability to go with the flow makes them vulnerable to stronger wills until they've learned to trust their intuitive radar.

The impulse to act depends on the mood of the moment, and the emotional currents in the environment. That's why it's vital to discern which situations drain your life force and to take the time to be alone.

Mars in Pisces wants romance and the dream of love to be intermingled with sex. Fantasy and lots of tender foreplay help create the right atmosphere. What turns them on is kind eyes and an open heart. Turns offs are a judging attitude, out of control materialism or ego and rough ways in bed.