Mars in Libra - Your Mars Libra

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Mars is frustrated in Libra, and that's why it's classified as being in detriment here. Mars is the planet of action, but in Libra, that impulse remains dormant, until the situation is mentally weighed. 

The simple truth is that Mars is impulsive, flashy and urgent. Mars wants to act freely. But with Mars in Libra, the Scales are also in action, and it's a heady dilemma. 

To act with Mars Libra, first all possible options for responding get tossed around. And this can lead to a passive approach, where actions never go beyond the idea stage.

There's a lot of pent-up energy here, that can lead to provoking others, in order to get the desired response.

Power Time Is When Mars Is in Libra

You have an innate ability to act with harmony in mind. What others do looms large, and is the force against which you assert yourself, and discover what you're made of.

Your Mars polarity is Aries, the sign that acts on the fly, and with raw force. For you, things like style, timing, and etiquette factor in. 

Hitting the right tone, and restoring balance, is your motivation.

What Lights Your Fire

If this is your Mars Zodiac Sign: 

You agitate for beauty, artistry, balance, and justice in the world. You've got Mars sign that works best when part of a collaborative effort, especially a power duo. 

You feel flat when going totally solo, without at least a sounding board. You're sparked when there's someone to play off, be inspired by, react to, refine your views with, etc.

You react to the energy of others - you can be especially drained by uninspired people. 

Your creativity is aimed at taking discord, conflictions, paradoxes, and turning it into a work of Art. You're roused to action when things are out of whack, and love to champion a just cause.

Whether it's in art, business, law, design, your innate sense of harmony guides you to make a difference in your field, and be a leader.

Your Sexual Nature

For you, the seduction starts in the mind, and a good rapport is key.

Love notes and thoughtful, romantic acts put you in the mood. You like good manners, what in other times might be called being a gentleman, or a refined lady. 

You might have an idealized attitude to intimacy that falls short in the actual deed. And yet, you're not one to dwell on carnal pleasure or make it the primary focal point. 

However, it's often noted that Mars Libra natives are able to unlock the sexual passion of a partner. That's a bonus since you're already so charming and easy to talk to.

You're one to go with the flow of intimacy, as long as the setting hits the right note. Romance and all its promises of true love are what keep you open to the sexual connection with someone.

Your standards are high, and you're turned off by rude, lowbrow or bullying type behavior. Your sexual style is languid, graceful and mirroring, with a desire to please your beloved.

Quality and Element

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