Mars in Leo

Portrait of a Lion on a Rock
mraxpa / Getty Images

Mars in Leo guys and gals don't just walk into a room, they burst onto the scene—and they love the spotlight. The Mars will is strong in this fire sign, and that makes for a passionate actor on the world stage.

What's unique about Mars Leo among the Mars fire sign is that it's fixed, so the fire is sustained. This Mars keeps the inspiration fires burning long enough to see creative expression brought to fruition.

If your Mars is in Leo, you crave attention, whether you are serving on a community board or are working in front of the camera. You are the type of person who photobombs all your family's and friends' photos, which more often than not is funny because you are just so smiley and cute. On the other hand, be aware that sometimes it can come off as annoying and even pitiful. 

Big Impact

People with Mars in Leo have tons of charisma and always make a strong impression. You have great self-confidence, with a knack for self-promotion—just make sure you have the goods to back it up.

Although the kingly or queenly sense of entitlement that guides your actions can make you seem demanding, it also propels you toward your goals. So your lesson is to learn the difference between being assertive and downright bossy.

What Mars Wants

You are dramatic and expressive and are on this planet to leave your mark. You won't bother with anything that doesn't light your fire—passion is what gets you moving—nor will you quietly toil away while others get all the kudos. You wilt in situations where you are considered expendable, unremarkable, or interchangeable. 

This is a Mars related to children and the Fifth House, which means you are not above throwing a tantrum if you don't get your way or if you are taken for granted. You love to help people, but do expect to be recognized for the effort.

Life Is an Adventure

You're motivated by grand passions, and enjoy putting what you're doing into an epic narrative. You act generously and have a gift for encouraging others to take creative risks.

You know how to bring the hidden gold out of people, so they shine as you do. Your warmth is contagious, and your big heart obvious to those you meet.


You're attracted to regal lovers that make you look good. You bring a sense of play to the bedroom.

You can be bossy and willful, but that comes with the insistent dynamism of your leadership style. You're known to overdo it or throw your weight around when opposed. But you've got the ability to follow through and pursue your ambitions with gusto. You work hard and play hard, and have a good chance of reaching your dreams.

You could easily become one of those difficult bosses, and your pride may keep you from seeing it. If you're getting a lot of resistance at work, look into that, and see if there's resentment building.

Burn Out and Exercise

If there's anyone who can burn a candle at both ends, it's a Mars in Leo. But even someone as dynamic as you are can't sustain this forever. Be careful not to overdo it; otherwise, you'll end up feeling dried up and world-weary. Instead, balance all your ambitious action with time spent refilling the well. 

As for staying fit, Mars in Leos are drawn to performance-type exercises like dancing. And if you're going to hit the gym for a workout or the streets for a run, you always make sure you look good. Forget about baggy sweatpants and beat up T-shirts—only the latest, most figuring flattering workout gear will do.