Mars in Capricorn: Mars Signs

Mountaineer climbs steep mountainside

 Ascent Xmedia / Getty Images

This is one of the most intimidating Mars signs in the Zodiac. Mars powered by Capricorn has a quiet strength that you sense, and know not to mess with. 

The will of Mars is strong, this being a cardinal sign. It's also one with a lot of patience, and the ability to deny short-term gratification, in favor of something mega substantial. 

Capricorn is a sign that's seeking what's enduring and may live on. There's a strong sense of legacy, and handing down a business, estate or world for future generations.

Mars Capricorn acts strategically, especially when it comes to career moves. I know a Mars Capricorn gal that has spent years involved in associations related to her field. She's building up an impressive resume and making important contacts along the way.

You can say Mars Capricorn is playing the long game. They gravitate to influential people and have an instinct for knowing which connections will pay off. 

Mars is the raw impulse, so we can look to Capricorn's Dark Side for the shadow traits. Some Mars Capricorn guys and gals could be super materialistic, and willing to do whatever it takes to make their fortune. 

But this is largely a result of the extreme materialism that has overshadowed our world. It's a learned survival trait for many. If we look at the deeper instincts of Capricorn, we see qualities like wanting to preserve heritage for future generations.

Some Capricorns might be more traditionally-minded, and Mars makes conserving the motivating force. The same friend I mentioned before is in fact, an authority on historic preservation. 

Mars Capricorn might be motivated by money, but the real goal is wealth as an achievement, and a way to create stability. Many will be drawn to an actual real estate, rather than speculative markets. 

Great Ambition

Mars in Capricorn needs great mountains to climb in life. You come alive when there's resistance, and show enormous strength in pursuit of your goals.

You are self-controlled and don't take orders well from others. You step into leadership early in life and carry an air of authority.

You can take the attitude that the "ends justify the means," which can lead down the path of ruthlessness. You aim for mastery in your chosen field and keep your eyes on the highest prize.

You can be conservative in your ways, and take the stance that everyone should raise themselves up. You're more lightly to show a man how to fish than unload a shipment of fish to their doorstep. 

Mars is a champion for the Sun, and in Capricorn, you have a tenacious will to go far.

A Cool Head and Hand

You are even-handed, thorough and persistent. If your feathers are ruffled, you don't get get even by being an even greater success.

Wealth and status can be motivators, but so can leaving a lasting legacy that you're proud of. You don't like to reinvent the wheel, preferring to build on traditions that have proven enduring. You have the ability to envision a realistic end result and work tirelessly to achieve it.

Earthy Sensuality

Your sexual nature is earthy and powerful. You take your commitments seriously, though you retain a sense of proud autonomy in relationships.

You may not be emotional or affectionate, but you have a core sensuality that's palpable and attractive to those you meet.

For you, power is an aphrodisiac, and you're drawn to those that enhance yours or exhibit it themselves. Speaking of Aphrodite, look to your Venus sign to see what also attracts you. 

You could be rather cold and calculating when it comes to securing the right mate. You can be drawn to high-status characters, even if it's the one that's a big fish in a small town. 

However, you'll be tested if their star falls sometime, especially if they suffer a public downfall. You're not likely to be attracted to someone you don't respect. And you are turned off by those in victim mode. 

You're drawn to people with talent, and who know how to use it to attain worldly success.