Traits of the Mars in Aries Person

Two Rocky Mountain bighorn rams jump toward each other in a battering attack of curved horns

W. Perry Conway/Getty Images

Mars Aries hits the ground running, but doesn't necessarily make it to the finish line. It's a competitive Mars with bursts of activity, that fizzles out quickly.  

Mars is considered in its dignity in fiery Aries. Mars is Aries' ruler and is at home here. And it's a placement for Mars that's considered super forceful, and at times aggressive. 

If this is your Mars sign, you've got vitality and often appear "on fire" with a new plan. You're the starter, but not necessarily the finisher. You shine in roles where your job is to be the catalyst. 

Your face is ruddy with passion as you go into action mode, even if others try to urge caution. You leave the details to others, as you move on to the next flash of inspiration. 

Triggering Others

You're able to trigger momentum that takes ideas beyond concept, and into the first stages of actually happening. Some may fear your impulsiveness and find you careless with details. In our touchy culture, you might trigger others without meaning to, and have to deal with backlash. 

Someone may decide that you're too headstrong, and make it their business to block you. You'll want to discern when your naysayer has a point, and when they're just reacting to you, out of fear. 

You can become the thorn in the side to controlling personalities. 

But your ability to get things done, and surprise everyone with success, win admirers. It also makes you a dynamic leader.

Your nature is often argumentative, but it's also that flash one moment, gone the next. You don't hold on to grudges, but often have to deal with built-up resentment from others. 

If you leave a trail of scorched people, you will have unwittingly burned your bridges. This is a lesson to learn as you go. A tip is to make sure people feel valued for what they bring to the table. 

You might get the glory, for setting things in motion. But you become a real leader when you acknowledge all the collaborators along the way. 

Stunt Guys and Gals

Mars Aries is such an impulsive, raw thrust forward, you'll want to have a spotter, like in the old days of gym class. Kids with this Mars are little daredevils, prone to sudden moves that scare their parents. 

It's great when you have an outlet for your intensity, and even better if it's competitive. I know a Mars Aries gal that's into martial arts, for example. 

If the Aries force is blocked, that could lead to rage and physical scuffles. Your forte is activities where there's a directed, forceful burst outward, and not a lot of time to get bored. 

How to turn on Mars Aries

Never let them think it's in the bag. Playing hard to get can be a game, even after you're in a committed relationship.

Pursue your own passions, and take risks. They are impressed by courage, self-containment, fresh thinking. Plan adventure dates and be ready to go until the wee hours. Stay fit for vigorous intimacy. Fight hard and make up hard.

When it comes to sex, you come on strong with passions that overwhelm others. You love to chase and conquer and get bored with passive lovers. Your style works best with steamy control freaks (Scorpio), or fellow wild card fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).