Mars in Aquarius Zodiac Traits

Rule-Breakers With Contempt for Authority

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Mars Aquarius guys and gals are hyper-aware of the crowd but are fiercely individualistic. 

And this is how they inspire others and agitate for change, but it's also a conundrum that leads to clashing. You can be the lightning rod, for a group, but can also frazzle everyone with your ideas, especially if they're not grounded in reality. 

Mars Aquarians are inventors, rule-breakers and genius networkers. Aquarius is the Zodiac sign of freaks, rebels and brilliant loners.  

The Force of One, The Force of Many

The impulsive and raw nature of Mars is by its nature a singular, or solo, force. But the motivation of Aquarius is to shape and direct the bigger energies - of friends, cohorts, troll armies, colleagues. 

Mars Aquarius has a will to be the conductor of the orchestra, but mostly at the idea - or visioning - stage. Aquarius is an air sign, so here, Mars pushes breakthrough ideas. The zeal of the reformer kicks in, to get others to adapt, and bring the whole coterie up to date.

Frustrated When You're out of Sync With Your Fellows

A big frustration for Mars Aquarius is when you're out of sync with your fellows, whether at work, school or everywhere. You might become the perpetual disruptive force because you see so clearly the path to improvement. 

You're the taser of the office, always playing devil's advocate, and that's a role that wins enemies, as well as friends. Your Mars has free reign when it meets a group that's ready to experiment and try out your wild plans. 

Shine in the Company of Creative Kindred Spirits

You really shine in the company of creative kindred spirits. The ideal is when you're able to let your freak flag fly, and join that eccentric energy to an impressive collection of similarly gifted individuals. 

So, dear Mars Aquarius, the syndicates you join are everything. Your associations are the means by which you act on your goals. And you might be opportunistic when it comes to friends that way. But if you're always at odds with your mates, it's possible you'll find greener pastures in other circles. And you may find that you break with groups many times in life.  

Some with this Mars could go dark side Aquarian and be self-destructive, by playing that role of the malcontent. Then you reinforce this pattern of not belonging and all the angst that goes with it.

Irked by Small Minds

Mars Aqua is irked by small minds, most of all. That makes sense when you realize Aquarius is a sign that meets life through a charged intellect. 

There's an active scanning that Mars Aquarius does, to test the waters, and take note of the overall tone. That's why one big motivation is acting to alter the rules of society. 

Think of your Mars' totem, the Waterbearer - you're the one that pours cold water over the group, and gets them to wake up!

Aquarius' dual nature is one of chaos and order, and don't forget the structure planet Saturn is a co-ruler. So once the rules have been set, Mars Aquarius could fall into the unlikely role of enforcer. 

Fixed Energy and Super Stubborn

You see that in otherwise fair-minded people taking others to task for falling short of their standards. Mars Aquarius is fixed energy, and that lends to being super stubborn, "fixed in their ways." That fixation lasts and is intense, until the next shock wave, and a turn to a new fixation.   

You can have contempt for authority, especially when the code of conduct strikes you as restrictive or the leader is following a script. You're the one that speaks up, that the Emperor has no clothes! This can awaken everyone to new possibilities, but also land you in tight spots, especially in times of soft tyranny. 

Prone to Sudden Moves If Inspiration Hits

Aquarius is prone to sudden moves if inspiration hits. That makes it hard for Mars Aquas to do routine jobs without spiraling into madness. It also makes you accident prone, so watch out.

You're attracted to the shock of the new. So what's sexy for you can be the taboo, the strange or risky. Your detachment can make you distant, when it comes to sex and affection in general, depending on other factors in the birth chart

Mars Aquarius Motives 

  • Enjoys mental challenges, like chess, word games, and gaming. 
  • Drawn to fields of the intellect, like technology, media, education.
  • Inventive career moves -- go ahead and turn that passion into your livelihood!
  • Often frustrated with a group, so associations are everything. 
  • May relate to spirituality through the concept of "intelligent design" in nature and the cosmos.