Mars Gemini and Your Zodiac Sign

Mars Gemini Concept

Rebecca Handler / Getty Images

Mars Gemini charms the pants off potential lovers, but might not want to go all the way. A lot of what they enjoy is the flirting and being seen out and about.

They're samplers, as well as being very changeable and complex. A Gemini in love is different from one day to the next.

Do you know your Mars sign? You can find it by putting your birth data into a chart generator.

With Mars in Gemini, you are a forceful talker, and the topic of sex is sure to whizz by. You like to tell stories of your exploits and are curious to hear the secrets of other's lives. Some might say you'd rather talk about it than do it!

Gemini is the one with a Twin, and the polarities of dark and light, male and female, etc. The mercurial signs (Gemini and Virgo) have been called "sexless," but perhaps a better mantle is sexually ambiguous. You might apply trendy lingo to it like non-binary.

Gemini Genders

There are masculine Gemini men, but it's a sign that bridges two worlds, and is the Zodiac sign most at home in different gender expressions. The main thing is Gemini is a sign of the intellect, and might enjoy playing with roles and labels themselves. They like to turn social norms on their head.

The trickster twin is known for breaking apart taboos, with a joke and ironic smile. So when Mars is in Gemini, the motivation is to scramble things and arrange pieces into a new mosaic. A Mars Gemini that's dating, is open to all kinds of people, and all sorts of situations. 

Your inquisitive nature leads you to experiment with different partners and styles. Because you don't want to miss out on anything, you're a bit of a dabbler. Indiscriminate is another word, but this is cured by falling in love.

When you're angry, you lash out with cutting words. You might spread mean gossip, if you're rejected. And beware of sharing too much online or with friends, since not everyone is an open book. 

It's hard for you to focus on one person, and that makes you a multi-directional listener. However, you do have a way of picking things up, and your mate will marvel at what you've overheard and remembered. 

Your mind is your most sensitive erogenous zone, and you're full of descriptive ideas. You could greatly enjoy erotic literature and poetry. Phone sex or sexting is a starter. You're an orator, and might like oral meanderings—it's possible you'll keep talking all the while.

Mars in Gemini With Your Sun Sign

  • Mars Gemini with Sun in Aries: Your eye may wander, and your enemy is boredom, but you shine brightly while it lasts.
  • Mars Gemini with Sun in Taurus: Less stubborn than many Bulls, you thrive on trying new things.
  • Mars Gemini with Sun in Gemini: You'll have the sampler platter, a little goes a long way for you.
  • Mars Gemini with Sun in Cancer: Your moods shift on a dime, making it hard to predict what you'll do.
  • Mars Gemini with Sun in Leo: You're drawn to dazzlers, creatures with a sense of the dramatic with many different looks.
  • Mars Gemini with Sun in Virgo: You're a mentally and physically agile lover who aims to please.
  • Mars Gemini with Sun in Libra: Sexy talk that's poetic and refined opens the doors of your heart.
  • Mars Gemini with Sun in Scorpio: You may talk a lot, but are emotionally controlled and secretive.
  • Mars Gemini with Sun in Sagittarius: Your experimental attitude wins you high marks for technical ability in bed.
  • Mars Gemini with Sun in Capricorn: Many get chatted up, but few are chosen.
  • Mars Gemini with Sun in Aquarius: The quirkier, the better.
  • Mars Gemini with Sun in Pisces: A sense of the dramatic makes for lots of laughter and soulfulness in the bedroom.