Mars Aries With Zodiac Signs

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Mars Aries guys and gals are straight-shooters, but often go off half-cocked. 

It's Mars in the sign it rules, for a fiery, impulsive and spirited personality.  Often those with this Mars have high vitality but are better at starting things than finishing them. 

Do you know your Mars sign? You can find it by putting your birth data into a  chart generator.

If your Mars is in Aries, sex is a game and a challenge for you. You get fired up by the chase as much as the conquest and lose momentum if your love interest gives in too easily. You get bored by love stability unless the sparks are still there with friction to play against.

You're a lover and a fighter.  And you fight to win!  You've got a competitive streak that makes you do silly, boastful things. 

You're happily self-centered and very driven. At times, you miss the nuances of what others want or need. You don't usually mean any harm, however, and your innocent enthusiasm makes you endearing. It's hard to stay mad at you for your pushy ways when you're so clearly enjoying life to the hilt.

You need lots of stimulation and are eager to try anything once. Your sex drive is strong, though you might not be very sensual or huggy. Few people can match your vitality, but you may lack staying power or finesse. You like taking the lead and have no problem asking your partner to satisfy your wildest desires.

Mars in Aries With Your Sun Sign

  • Mars Aries with Sun in Aries: Extra firepower for your love quest. You don't know when to quit, literally, and can become a stalker. It's hard for you to accept rejection, as it eggs you on further. 
  • Mars Aries with Sun in Taurus: You've got stamina in reserves that keep you going into the night. You have a lazy streak, but surprise your lovers with a burst of firepower. 
  • Mars Aries with Sun in Gemini: Your sex life is super spicy with a lot of variety. You've got wandering eyes, though, and will wander off, too! 
  • Mars Aries with Sun in Cancer: Lots of fiery nights, mostly close to home or cozy places. This is a square aspect, and if you get your feelings hurt, and lash out with intense force.
  • Mars Aries with Sun in Leo: A risk-taker in love, affectionate, playful, dramatic. You take everything personally, especially if someone disses you. 
  • Mars Aries with Sun in Virgo: Surprise moves that show you're a sexual dynamo behind that clean, orderly facade. You have a wicked critical side that has a punch to it, sometimes literally. 
  • Mars Aries with Sun in Libra: Some are lured in by your easy breezy charm as if you live in a harmonious dream. But you like a little fight in your sex life, to keep it alive and growing. 
  • Mars Aries with Sun in Scorpio: You move stealthily, undercover, but hit your love target with great force. Woe betides the one that wrongs you, as you will get even in the end.
  • Mars Aries with Sun in Sagittarius: It takes an athlete to keep up with you, in and out of the bedroom. You have no impulse control and can get into sticky situations that you have to escape. 
  • Mars Aries with Sun in Capricorn: You're self-controlled to a point, then you let your passions take over. This is a square of tension between the need to keep up appearances, and the raw urge to act on passions.
  • Mars Aries with Sun in Aquarius: Your quest for new experience leads you happily into the kinky or taboo zone. You like to surprise or shock people and have the courage to act on your divine inspiration.
  • Mars Aries with Sun in Pisces: Your sexual directness helps you overcome shyness, and gives you boldness of attack in love. You might have foggy days, but this Mars burns off the confusion and makes you a Fish that takes flying leaps.