Marriage Gifts for Jewish, Christian and Muslim Couples

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Religious Wedding Gifts

Attending a devout wedding ceremony presents the perfect opportunity to give the couple a gift that is imbued with spiritual meaning. These beautiful yet practical religious gifts will always hold a special place in the hearts and homes of newlyweds who make faith the foundation of their marriages.

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Jewish Wedding Gifts

Wedding mezuzah available at

Young Jewish couples often need cultural dinnerware for celebrating Shabbat every week. Shabbat candlesticks and Kiddush cups are crafted in a variety of classic, elegant and artistic designs that any guest would be proud to gift.

Specialty kitchenware is also needed for honoring Passover, such as a beautiful Seder plate that tells the story of the Exodus, a practical set of kosher cookbooks or a prayer-inscribed wooden cutting board and knife set for presenting the traditional Challah bread.

A mezuzah is a small piece of parchment that contains the Shema Torah verses. Only those written by a qualified scribe are considered kosher. You do not have to worry about buying a duplicate gift because Jewish homes need several mezuzahs to fulfill the mitzvah to inscribe these words over every room's doorway. Since damaging the parchment invalidates the blessing, the klaf is stored in a decorative case, which is available in a wide range of designs, colors schemes and sentiments.

The Gary Rosenthal Collection has created an exquisite wedding mezuzah that holds the broken glass from the Chuppa marriage ceremony. Many gift givers also opt to have the couple's initials engraved on the case.

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Christian Wedding Gifts

Couple’s Devotional Bible for Engaged and Newly Married Couples by Marriage Partners.

Since most Christians already have a crucifix and Bible, consider buying newlywed couples a sentimental version that celebrates their new relationship as husband and wife. You can give a metal crucifix that incorporates two wedding bands or a ceramic cross that features a marriage prayer alongside an inscription of the couple's name and wedding date.

The "Couple’s Devotional Bible for Engaged and Newly Married Couples" provides tips and tools for making faith the center of a marriage. The New International Version (NIV) Bible includes daily devotional messages and Scripture passages as well as discussion and personal evaluation questions to build a strong marriage.

If you prefer to buy a traditional Bible, find an heirloom edition that includes pages for recording important family events, such as birth and wedding dates. BibleCo produces couple's personalized Bibles and gift sets that can feature inscribed names, dates or a favorite verse.

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Muslim Wedding Gifts

Allah, Muhammad and Shahada Faux Canvas Frame available at IslamiCity Bazar.

Although Muslim weddings are steeped in extravagance, wedding guests are not expected to gift expensive, impractical items. Instead, gifts should celebrate the spiritual nature of the union.

A customized calligraphy print that includes the couple's names and wedding date is a sentimental gift that the new bride and groom will cherish for their entire marriage. IslamiCity Bazar sells affordble spiritual gifts for Muslim newlyweds, including this elegant canvas featuring three panels of Islamic calligraphy artwork that honors Allah, Muhammed and Shahada, the Islamic confession of faith.

The Islamic tenets prohibit Muslims from consuming alcohol, so wine flutes and aged spirits are not acceptable wedding gifts. Muslims are also forbidden from using utensils and plates that are crafted from such extravagant materials as gold or silver.

Although a new Quran is typically exchanged between the wedded families, guests can still give religious artifacts. As they pray together, married couples will appreciate an intricately carved wooden rehal stand that displays the holy book and handmade misbaha beads while they recite the tasbih.

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