In-Demand Digital Marketing Careers

Is marketing a good career for the future?

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The field of marketing has changed dramatically. As consumers live more of their lives digitally, companies are following them online with social media, smartphone apps, online shopping, and email marketing. Businesses need marketers who understand consumer behavior and how to reach them through these digital channels. These new jobs aren't only accessible to new graduates or young marketers who grew up using digital technology. Any marketing professional can keep up with the future of marketing by learning how to apply their marketing fundamentals to jobs in the areas of digital marketing, multichannel marketing, and e-commerce.

Digital Marketing

As consumers move online, companies are spending billions of dollars on digital advertising, and many of them need digital marketing experts to help them navigate the unique demands of marketing and advertising online. Digital marketing includes a variety of methods and platforms—both organic and paid—like social media, search engine optimization, copywriting, analytics, creative design, mobile marketing, email marketing, website content, blogging, and application development. 

Common job titles in digital marketing include Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital or Online Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Copywriter, Digital Marketing Analyst, Digital Product Manager, and Digital Marketing Project Manager.

Multichannel Marketing

Consumers can be found in many places, both online and offline. They consume digital, print, audio, and televised media, and they read their email and browse social media. For a business to successfully reach its target consumers, it needs to be marketing on all these platforms. Using multiple promotional and sales channels like this is known as multichannel marketing.

A single company, for example, could advertise through social media, radio, and a print catalog, and its customers could make their purchases through the catalog, in-store, or on the website. A marketer who specializes in multichannel marketing would know how to effectively run a marketing campaign across all of these platforms.

Common job titles in multichannel marketing include Business Technology Manager, Multichannel Marketing Manager, Multichannel Integration Manager, Channel Marketing Specialist, Multichannel Analyst, and Channel Marketing Director.

E-Commerce Marketing

Any time a consumer buys something online, they are using e-commerce; and when consumers aren't buying, they are often browsing, researching, and comparing products and services. Businesses who want to provide easy, accessible ways for their customers to shop need e-commerce experts to help them with online sales and conversions. In addition to creative marketing ideas, companies also need marketers who can interpret online sales analytics to understand which marketing initiatives are connecting with customers and which aren't working.

Common job titles in e-commerce marketing include Director of E-commerce, Director of E-business, E-commerce Strategist, Conversion Optimization Specialist, Internet Marketing Specialist, E-commerce Analyst, Web Marketing Manager, eCRM Campaign Specialist, and Web Merchandising Specialist.

Marketing Careers for the Future

Changes in technology, consumer behavior, and the economy can dramatically impact the skills and expertise that businesses are looking for in marketing professionals. To stay relevant and employable in a changing field, marketers should keep up-to-date with new advances in digital and sales technology, develop both creative and analytical skills, and have some understanding of the technical skills involved in programming, app development, or website coding. It also helps to monitor changes in consumer behavior and needs and invest in continued education and training. As long as businesses want to makes sales, they will need marketing experts to help them effectively connect and communicate with customers.