Sample Resume for a Marketing and Writing Professional

Show potential employers you can market yourself

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If you are a marketing professional, your resume needs to “sell” your expertise and track record to potential employers, just like any other piece of marketing material. Think of it this way: In order to convince a potential employer that you can market their products or services, you first must show that you can market yourself.

Keep in mind that there is a heavy emphasis on business writing and editing in many marketing roles, so you need to highlight these skills through your experiences and by writing and designing a well-crafted resume.

Tips for Creating a Successful Marketing Resume

Think like a marketer when you begin to craft you resume, and start by assessing your value proposition. In the business world, a value proposition details why a product is worth purchasing. But as a job seeker, you'll want t o define what you'll provide the company and how you'll be a beneficial hire. 

Here are a few more marketing-focused tips to create a powerful resume that highlights your value: 

  • Get personal. Instead of sending out a generic resume for every position, create a targeted resume that's tailored to a specific job and the responsibilities listed in the job description. Typically, this will just mean making a few small tweaks, such as updating the summary. 
  • Use numbers. Metrics are helpful in anyone's resume. As a marketer, you know how much a key statistic can help make a product shine. Apply that same philosophy when describing your previous jobs. 
  • Tell a good story. Your resume, ideally, provides a holistic view into your experience. Sometimes it's hard to see the connection between all of your previous roles. Adding a summary or objective section can help tie it all together. As well, keep the focus on your accomplishments, rather than your tasks. Typically, marketing support sales, so the more you can connect your work to the success of the sales department, the better. And, remember: Part of telling a good story is creating a document that's easy to read and absorb and free from errors. 

Sample Marketing and Writing Resume

This is an example of a resume for a marketing and writing professional. Download the marketing and writing professional resume template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

This sample begins with a summary that emphasizes the job seeker’s skills and successes, using numbers to quantitatively demonstrate achievement. While this sample has all the basic sections such as education, employment, and technical skills, you should view the summary overview section as your opportunity to underscore what is unique about your background and skills that set you apart from the competition.

Screenshot of a sample resume for a marketing and writing professional
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Sample Marketing and Writing Resume (Text Version)

Roxy Applicant
910 Oak Street, Verona, CA 12111
(555) 550-1111


Marketing professional with a proven track record of exemplary writing and editing experience online and in print. Skilled in writing creative copy for catalogs, brochures, newsletter articles, blogs, and a variety of business materials.


Proficient in Microsoft applications, including Project, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Also proficient in FrameMaker, Lotus Notes, Dreamweaver, Infogram, Piktochart, and HTML and SQL database queries. 


XYZ SCIENCE, Verona, Calif.
Science Marketing WriterSeptember 2016–Present
Write, develop, edit, and maintain all sales and marketing materials and technical documentation. Co-develop layouts and all graphics for digital content. Responsible for hiring, training, and managing five interns annually in the company's award-winning internship program.

XYZ SOLUTIONS, Verona, Calif.
Technical WriterSeptember 2013–September 2016
Developed articles, blog posts, how-tos, presentations, and white papers for an international company specializing in SaaS applications.

Content WriterJune 2012–September 2013
Researched and wrote web content for nearly a dozen client websites whose industries ranged from law to medicine to e-commerce. Created persuasive content for seven client websites, improving their combined online advertising revenues by 17 percent.


Bachelor of Arts in English-Professional Writing; Certificate in Technical Writing (2015); GPA 3.75
Ellis College of New York Institute of Technology, New York, N.Y.

Associate of Arts in Business Administration (2013); GPA 4.00
American Intercontinental University, Schaumburg, Ill.