Marine Corps Officer Job Description: MOS 5803

Military police officer holding an assault rifle

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Marine Corps Officers can be officers in military law enforcement as their primary military occupational specialty. After they commission either through the United States Naval Academy, Navy ROTC (Marine Option), or Marine Officer Candidate School (OCS), they will attend the Marine Officer Training Program – The Basic School (TBS). After TBS, Marine officers will ship off to the jobs (MOS) they were selected for at the end of TBS. Many will choose Infantry, Artillery, Logistics, though some will be selected for the law enforcement position, MOS 5803 – Marine Police Officer.

This MOS in the Marines is different than the Military Police (MP) jobs that enlisted Marines hold. This is the officer version of that group and is responsible for the supervision of the enlisted military police and other law enforcement members of the Marine Corps. Military police officers are the supervisors, coordinators, and administrators of law enforcement members of the military team of enlisted and civilian law enforcement professionals. 

 Military Police Officers provide vital support to their base commanders with all facets of law enforcement on or near the military post. Officers begin this MOS either on-base in supervisory and organizational roles, providing security and law enforcement, or on deployment, supervising maneuver and mobility operations and internment operations, as well as providing area security and law enforcement. In short, these Marine Officers lead their law enforcement team to secure the base and surrounding area to maintain safety and enforce the laws of the land.

Typical Duties

Military Police Officers manage detainee operations, advise foreign Security Forces and provide first responder aid. They also coordinate expeditionary forensic operations and oversee certain investigations of crime scene investigators and other detectives. Their daily duties require managing law and order operations. They also have skills in the employment and handling of military working dogs (MWD).

Type of Officer

Unrestricted Line Officer (URL) – The URL is a commissioned officer (Second Lieutenant – General) of the United States Navy and Marine Corps and qualified for command at sea of the USMC warfighting combatant units such as infantry units, aviation squadrons, RECON Units, and MARSOC teams. They are also qualified to command the higher echelons of those units, such as Divisions, Marine Force, and air wings and air divisions, and special operations groups.

  • Type of MOS: Primary Military Occupational Specialty
  • Video: Military Police Officer Responsibilities
  • Rank Range: LtCol to 2ndLt


Marine Officers attend the Military Police Basic Officers Course in Fort Leonard Wood, MO which lasts 9 weeks.

The mission of the Military Police Basic Officers Course is
to provide company-grade Marine Officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Military Police Officer: MOS- 5803. Students will receive instruction and practical application in the following area: anti-terrorism/force protection, police communications, policing, supporting establishment law enforcement, police advising and training, and law enforcement training. This course is designed to provide students with the training required to function as a Military Police Officer in the operating force and supporting establishment. 

The Marine Police Basic Officers Course focuses on training to function in the Marine Force and during peacetime and conflict. Students are highly trained in the following Military Police Operations: Police Communications, Policing, Supporting Establishment Law Enforcement, Police Advising and Training, and Law Enforcement Training.

Job Description and Requirements

Job Description

Military police officers function as supervisors, coordinators, and administrators of law enforcement matters.

Job Requirements

(1) This MOS will be assigned to officers who have a background and/or education in law enforcement.

(2) Complete the Military Police Officers Basic (MPOB) Course at the United States Army Military Police School (USAMPS) or six months On-the-Job Training (OJT) accompanied by a favorable recommendation from the commanding officer. Upon successful completion of 6 months of observed fitness report time in a Reserve Military Police (MP) billet, a favorable endorsement from a military police unit inspector/instructor, drilling Reserve unrestricted officers may request 5803 designations via an Administrative Action form to CMC (POS).


For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to MCO 1510.86B, Individual Training Standards for the Military Police and Corrections Occupational Field 58.

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