Marine Corps Human Source Intel – MOS-0204

Marine intelligence soldiers working on computers in a tent.

Lance Cpl. Joshua Brown / United States Marine Corps / Public Domain 

A Human Source Intelligence Officer leads a unit of counterintelligence Marines and supervises their efforts in the field. As with all Marines in the intelligence field, these officers gather, process and disseminate sensitive information, and oversee enlisted Marines who carry out these duties. 

This job, which the Marine Corps categorizes as a military occupational specialty (MOS) 0204, is not an entry-level position. Most Marines enter this occupational field (OccFld) either in MOS 0231, intelligence specialist, or MOS 0261, geographic intelligence specialist. 

MOS 0204 is an unrestricted line officer position, open to Marines between the ranks of captain and 2nd lieutenant. 

Duties of the Human Source Intel

Human source intelligence (HUMINT) officers serve in both counterintelligence (CI) and HUMINT roles. They may serve as platoon commanders or and company executive officers within the HUMINT company as well as serving as division or Marine Expeditionary Force staff officers.

HUMINT varies from other types of intelligence-gathering because it focuses primarily on intelligence from human sources via interpersonal interactions.

This is as opposed to using technical equipment like signals and imagery to gather intelligence. It may include interrogations with sources and informants, and anyone believed to have access to sensitive or valuable information. 

In many ways, HUMINT can be the most challenging type of intelligence to gather but can carry great value in establishing networks of information which may have long-term importance for military operations. 

Job Requirements

Marines in this job handle a lot of sensitive information, so they must be eligible for a top-secret security clearance from the Department of Defense, and be able to qualify for access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI).

This is determined by what's known as a Single Scope Background Investigation. The investigation needs to be completed before the Marine attends the required Marine Air-Ground Task Force/ Human Intelligence courses at the Marine Corps detachment in Dam Neck, Virginia. 


If you begin as an enlisted Marine in MOS 0231 or 0261, you likely will have already undergone the background checks required. Depending on how much time has elapsed, chances are you'll need to undergo another investigation. 

If you're planning to pursue this MOS, you'll also need to complete the basic intelligence officer course first. You'll be subject to the espionage and sabotage polygraph exam, and must be a U.S. citizen.  

A typical path for officers in this job involves most or all of the following courses:

  • Advanced Counterintelligence Course, Dam Neck
  • Military operations Familiarization Course, Washington, DC
  • Military Operations Training Course, Washington, DC
  • Operations Support Specialist Course, Washington, DC
  • DoD Strategic Debriefing Course, Ft. Huachuca, Arizona.
  •  Multi-Discipline CI Analysis Course, Washington, DC
  • Joint CI Staff Officers Course, Washington, DC
  •  Counter-terrorism Analyst Course, Washington, DC
  • Advanced Counter-terrorism Analysis Course, Washington, DC
  • Dynamics of International Terrorism Course, Hurlburt Field, Florida

Marine Human Intelligence officers may advance further to be Marine Air-Ground Task Force Intelligence officers, once they've achieved the rank of major.