Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions - SRT

MOS 5816 -- Special Reaction Team Member


The United States Marine Corps Special Response Team (SRT) are advanced trained military police officers who are Marines. They are considered the USMC SWAT Team for emergencies and first response issues that require a higher trained operator to deal with such as hostage situations, active shooter, and even embassy evacuation.

There are many situations the military police on base need to be prepared for - such as VIP protection, barricaded incidents, and even a terrorist attack. When a situation that requires additional force, the role of the Special Reaction Team is to respond to the situation on or around the base where they are located.

Job Description

A special reaction team is comprised of military police personnel trained to give an installation commander the ability to counter or contain a special threat situation surpassing normal law enforcement capabilities - very much like a SWAT Team in any metropolitan area in the United States. All team members should be cross-trained in all team duties. As a minimum, the special reaction team must be capable of isolating a crisis scene, providing proficient marksmanship support, conducting tactical movement anj building entry, and clearing of buildings in a variety of light and weather conditions.

How are the Special Reaction Teams Organized?

The Special Reaction Team within the USMC are created by the installations head military police officer with coordination with the headquarters element of the base as well. The individual team depends on the size of the military police force and the selection process, but the team itself is organized in the following way (once again similar to a civilian police force SWAT Team)

SRTs are typically no smaller than 9 men. In order to cover all contingencies, an installation may train enough men for 2 9-man SRTs. A typical 9-man Special Reaction Team is made up of:

  • Entry Element - Consists of a minimum of Team leader, point man, first and second defenseman, and rear security
  • Team Leader - organizes and supervises the SRT during training and operations. Coordinates training, mission planning, logistics. Certifies SRT and responsible for maintenance of that certification for each team member. Accountable for SRT weapons. Prepares after -action reports.
  • Pointman - Conducts recon and recommends primary and alternate routes of approach to target. Leads entry team throughout the phases of the mission. Carries special equipment such as concussion grenades and other pyrotechnics needed for the mission. 
  • 1st and 2nd Defenseman - Provides security for the point man during movement. Acts as a point man when team splits or when necessary. Covers the entry element during exfiltration. 
  • Rear Security - Provides rear security during movement to and from target. Cover the entry element during exfiltration. Assists EOD with placement of explosive breaching charges. 
  • Cover Element / 2nd Entry Element - Each cover element is made up of a marksman and spotter (observer). Two pairs of cover elements can also be deployed if available. 
  • Marksmen - Maintains surveillance on the target area from a fixed position. Provides information to team leader. Neutralizes hostile fire acting as a sniper if needed. Provides cover for the entry element. 
  • Observers / Recorders - Also known as spotters for the marksmen. Records all events prior to, during, and after incident for law enforcement evidence. Provides security for the marksman. Helps locate hostile personnel for the marksman. Relieves Marksman as needed. 

Like many other tactical units in the military and civilian population, the SRT also cross-trains in each team member's position just in case needed for an operation.

Type of MOS : NMOS

Rank Range: GySgt to Cpl

Job Requirements:

(1) Must currently hold MOS 5811.

(2) Must have obtained the grade of corporal or higher.

(3) Must be a volunteer.

(4) Possess a high degree of maturity and self-control.

(5) Maintain minimum first class physical fitness standards.

(6) Qualify as an expert with service rifle and pistol.

(7) Complete the Special Team Course, U.S. Army Military Police School.

Duties: For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to MCO 1510.86, Individual Training Standards.

Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes :

(1) Police Officer 375.263-014.

(2) Sheriff, Deputy 377.263-010.

(3) Tactical Officer.

Related Marine Corps Jobs:

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See Chapter 11 for Official USMC SRT Regulations / Field Manual