Marine Corps Financial Management Resource Analysts – MOS 3451

US Marine Corps soldier working in financial management as an analyst.

Daniel Benjy / Getty Images

In the Marine Corps, financial management resource analysts (FMRA) act like bookkeepers and accountants on many levels of the Corps missions. This skill carries the Military Occupation Specialities (MOS) of 3451. It's open to enlisted Marines from the rank of private to master gunnery sergeant. 

FMRA perform accounting, budgeting, and other financial management duties. They may perform these duties on the battalion, brigade, division, or corps levels.

Duties of a MOS 3451

Financial management resource analysts monitor, reconcile, and prepare official accounting records as well as oversee general ledger control and related cost accounting. They compile financial data and estimates for budgets and analyze variances between the budget plan and execution.

Additional financial management duties may include recording financial data to support budget execution and program analysis, preparing financial progress reports and statistics, and other related financial management duties aimed at preventing fraudulent use or the waste of government resources. 

All of these duties require a fundamental understanding of all financial management related system interfaces and associated computer applications.

Qualifying for MOS 3451

To be eligible for this job, you'll need a score of 110 or higher on the general technical (GT) segment of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests. Depending on the assignment, you may also need a secret security clearance from the Department of Defense.

This will include a background check of finances and character. Previous drug use or alcohol abuse may prevent you from getting such a clearance. At the commander's discretion, MOS 3451 can be revoked for any guilty verdict or nonjudicial punishment concerning theft, larceny, fraud, waste, abuse, or misappropriation of funds.

All financial management resource analysts complete basic training and then the financial management resource analyst course at the Financial Management School at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

Advanced Training for MOS 3451

Upon selection to the rank of staff sergeant, if not previously completed, those Marines selected will be earmarked to attend the next Advanced Resource Management Course at Camp Lejeune.

Attendance at the annual Financial Management Resource Conference is highly recommended for those ranked between staff sergeant and master gunnery sergeant.

Attendance and completion of the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (EDFMTC) are encouraged for gunnery sergeant through master gunnery sergeant.

Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) certification for gunnery sergeant to master gunnery sergeant is desirable. Certification costs are refunded by the Veterans Administration. In order to receive certification cost reimbursement, active duty and reservists must be eligible for receipt of VA benefits.

Related Civilian Occupations

The FMRA would have an easy transition of skills between the military and the civilian workforce. They may qualify for advanced placement as auditors, budget analyst, bookkeepers, and accountants. The skills they gain during service also place them in a prime position for supervisor level work in administrative and payroll settings.