Marine Corps Field Artillery Fire Control – MOS-0844

Marine corps field artillery soldier holding firearm in the field with a helicopter flying overhead

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The Marine Corps field artillery fire control (MOS-0844) helps with the delivery of accurate firepower into enemy positions. The position held the title field artillery fire control man until 2016 when the Pentagon allowed women to hold front-line combat positions. This is a primary Marine occupational specialty (MOS) and the range rank is from sergeant to private.

Duties and Responsibilities 

Field artillery fire control soldiers perform duties for the delivery of artillery fire onto designated targets. These duties include position survey and fire direction reckoning that direct large-caliber cannon or artillery. Typical responsibilities of the MOS-0844 include the preparation of fire control equipment for movement and operation, as well as the performance of detailed survey operations. Equipment may include rangefinding and positioning tools and computers to locate and track stationary and moving targets.

These Marines also typically perform preventive maintenance and testing of equipment. They are authorized to make minor repairs to the survey and fire control equipment. They operate field communications equipment, as well as constructing cannon battery databases.

Artillery fire control Marines can also be charged with constructing regiment, battalion, and transaction processing performance council (TPC) databases. TPC is a standard for databases that allows for fast transaction of data. MOS-0844 also works with maintaining data communications and might construct data distribution.

Fire control computation includes the use of computer equipment systems, plotting survey data on firing charts. It includes the determination of target coordinates, as well as the conversion to target coordinates and observer's reports into firing data and commands.

A complete listing of all duties and tasks associated with MOS 0844 is included in MCO 3501.26A, the Artillery Unit Training, and Readiness (T and R) Manual.

Job Requirements and Qualifications

MOS-0844 is assigned upon completion of formal schooling in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Upon promotion to staff sergeant and the appropriate formal school, the 0844 will be designated MOS 0848. This MOS will be retained as an additional MOS.

The position is a mathematics-heavy position. Applicants for MOS-0844 must possess a GT score of at least 105, and higher is preferred. They must complete the Field Artillery Fire Control Marine Course and have a secret security clearance or be eligible for one. They must be U.S. citizens. 

Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes

In civilian capacity, this training can assist the Marine in positions as computer operators, cartographers, mapping technicians, and database managers. The training is also helpful in electrical and electronic repair fields.

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The above information is derived in part from MCBUL 1200, parts 2 and 3.