Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions: MOS 0326

A soldier conducts a combat dive mission

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Military Occupational Specialty codes, more commonly referred to as MOS codes, are a series of numbers that follow the MOS prefix to identify the field in which a Marine as well as the specific job he holds within that field. 

MOS 0326 identifies the Reconnaissance Marine Parachute and Combat Diver Qualified in the infantry field, the primary fighting force within the Marine Corps. This MOS was titled Reconnaissance "Man" prior to June 24, 2016, when, following an exhaustive review by the Secretary of the Navy in cooperation with the Commandant of the Marine Corps, many MOS titles were changed to avoid gender-specific terms. The decision was part of an effort to fully integrate female Marines and other female service members into the armed forces. 

Recon Marines are part of the Reconnaissance Battalions. This MOS was previously MOS 8654. 

It is an NMOS, a necessary MOS, indicating that this is a secondary, additional MOS for the Marine who holds the title. The position can only be filled by a Marine who qualifies through holding another specific MOS, and the distinction is that he or she is qualified as both a parachutist and diver. Other MOSs apply to Marines who are qualified as only a parachutist but not a diver, or only a diver but not a parachutist. MOS 0326 Marines are capable of acting and reacting from land, sea, and air.

The rank range is from Master Gunnery Sergeant to Private. 


The Reconnaissance Marine, Parachute and Combatant Diver Qualified participate in reconnaissance activities to gain information about the enemy and the terrain. He or she employs parachute insertion as a means of entry when appropriate, or as a combatant diver to insert or extract personnel.

You can refer to MCO 3500.73, the Training and Readiness Manual for Recon Marines, for a complete listing of duties and tasks associated with MOS 0326.


Candidates for this MOS must first hold MOS 0321, Reconnaissance Marine and they must complete the Basic Airborne Course at USAIS at Ft. Benning in Georgia. They must also complete the MCCDC-approved Combatant Diver qualification course.

A billet bearing the required MOS must identify a related primary MOS (PMOS) even if several PMOSs meet acceptance prerequisites, when entered into the TFSMS, the Total Force Structure Management System.

For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to MCO 3500.73, Training and Readiness Manual for Recon Marines, or NAVMC 3800.55B, the Reconnaissance Training and Readiness Manuel. 

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