Marine Corps River Assault Craft Crewman – MOS 0312

Job Requirements and Duties of the Riverine Assault Craft Marine

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Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) codes are made up of four numbers that are used to designate certain positions, duties, and job positions within the U.S. Marine Corps. MOS 0312 is assigned to the River Assault Craft or RAC crewman who performs duties as either a coxswain for the RAC or who employs the onboard weapons systems, including M240G, M2, and MK-19. 

It is a Free MOS (FMOS) a type of MOS that can be filled by any Marine without regard to his or her primary MOS (PMOS), and the range rank extends from Gunnery Sergeant to Private First Class.

This MOS was changed June 2016 in a cooperative effort between the Secretary of the Navy and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. The title "Riverine Assault Craft Crewman" was changed to "Riverine Assault Craft Marine" at that time to reflect the results of a study into the feasibility and appropriateness of using the word "man" in any job title. 

Job Requirements of MOS 0312

A River Assault Craft Marine or crewman must have a GT score of at least 90, and higher is preferred. He or she must complete the RAC Crewman Course at 2d EOTG, II MEF. At a minimum, he or she must be a Combat Water Survival, Second Class (CSW-2).

After graduating from the Riverine Assault Craft Crewman Course, the applicant must have a MOS assigned as an NMOS to 03 Marines serving in the Small Craft Company, 2d Marine Division, or any other Marine unit that employs the Riverine Assault Craft. It typically occurs after he or she has undergone a unit MOJT and after six months of observed time.

Marines are offered their choice of the MOS they wish to apply for at the time they enlist, but competition for this position is typically fierce. Marines don't always get the MOS they choose, although the Marine Corps does make an effort to place recruits in the MOS they request. Nor are Marines limited to just one MOS throughout their military careers.

Successful applicants typically apply for other weapons MOS immediately. Lacking that, they may be assigned MOS 0311 with a rank range of Sergeant to Private. The "03" in the MOS indicates infantry and includes both MOS 0311 and MOS 0312. MOS 0311 is the position of a rifleman. 

Duties and Responsibilities of MOS 0312

You can refer to MCO 3500.32, Intelligence Training and Readiness Manual, for a complete list of duties and tasks associated with this position. 

Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes

There is no civilian equivalent of this MOS.

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No other Marine Corps jobs are related to this MOS. 

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code

This MOS is related to all other 55-3019 classifications, as well as Air/Weapons Specialists and Crew Members and Military Enlisted Tactical Operations. 

Much of the above information is derived from MCBUL 1200, parts 2 and 3.