Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions—0151 MOS

Here Are the Duties of USMC Admin Mos 0151: Administrative Clerk

An administrative clerk aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Pfc. Nik S. Phongsisattanak

The U.S. Marines use a series of letters and numbers known as Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) codes to identify particular jobs and positions. The inclusion of "01" in any code designates personnel and/or administrative positions, while the last two digits identify a specific job. MOS 0151 is assigned to the administrative clerk position. 

The position merged with MOS 0111 (administrative specialist) in 2010 along with two other positions: MOS 0121 (personnel clerk) and MOS 0193 (personnel/administrative chief). This information regarding MOS 0151 is being maintained for historical reference.

This was a PMOS type of MOS, and the rank range was from Sergeant to Private. 

Duties and Responsibilities of MOS 0151—Administrative Clerk 

Administrative clerks performed clerical and administrative duties—including postal service—incident to general and operational administration. They used both manual and automated information systems. Typical duties included:

  • The preparation of naval correspondence and messages
  • Preparation and maintenance of directives
  • Preparation of travel orders
  • Completion of general administrative requirements such as leave authorizations and identification cards
  • Preparation and maintenance of command punishment books

Other duties performed sometimes overlapped those performed by personnel clerks. These included auditing field service records, verifying the information contained in unit diary feedback reports and/or personnel management reports, preparation of discharge and retirement documents, and verifying the accuracy of the information contained in the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) databases.

Administrative clerks were also sometimes assigned to support the administration of military justice to staff level billets and to perform duties within a Classified Material Control Center (CMCC), or in the unit's mailroom.

Job Requirements 

The Marine Corps assigned MOS 0151 to an individual upon completion of the Administrative Clerk Course or upon demonstrating satisfactory performance during managed on-the-job training.

Administrative clerks were required to have knowledge of the Marine Corps Total Force System and Marine Corps standard word processing and database software packages. Recruits seeking to enter this field needed typing and communication skills as well as basic administration Marine training before moving on to other specialized billets. 

Applicants had to possess a GT score of at least 100 and had to complete the Administrative Clerk Course conducted at Camp Lejeune, N.C. In lieu of this requirement, they could demonstrate MOS qualification through job performance.

Applicants for the current position of MOS 0111 (administrative specialist) must meet much of the same requirements, including a CL score of 100 or higher. 

Related Department of Labor Occupation Codes 

  • Administrative Clerk 219.362-010
  • Clerk, General 209.562-010
  • Office Clerk 209.567-022

Related Marine Corps Jobs

  • Personnel Clerk, MOS 0121. This position was also merged into MOS 0111 in June 2010. These personnel acted as personnel and pay input clerks for the Marine Corps Total Force System. 
  • Personnel/Administrative Chief, MOS 0193. This position was also merged into MOS 0111 in June 2010. 
  • Postal Officer, MOS 0160
  • Personnel Officer, MOS 0170
  • Manpower Information Systems Analyst, MOS 0171

Note: We derived much of the above information from MCBUL 1200, parts 2 and 3.