Aircraft Maintenance - Marine Corps FIELD 60/61/62

Job Description and Qualification Factors

US Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter in flight
US Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter in flight. Ross Harrison Koty / Getty Images

In the Marine Corps, jobs or Marine Occupational Specialties (MOS) are divided into career fields. For those who work with aviation (helicopters, planes, other), the career field designations are OccFlds 60/61/62 as you will see below. The aviation MOS is the 6000 field. The first two numbers designate the three primary position such as mechanic (60), helicopters (61), and fixed wing aircraft (62).

About Occupational Fields

The aircraft maintenance occupational fields include direct and indirect support of the total air frames and power plant package of all aviation aircraft weapons systems. While there is similarity in the skills required to provide this support, the systems being supported are diverse.

The following examples are provided: direct support-repair and servicing at the organizational maintenance activity which is normally accomplished on aircraft, such as pre-flight and servicing of aircraft and their systems; indirect support-repair of components at the intermediate maintenance activity which is normally accomplished off aircraft, such as hydraulic actuators, servos, and accumulators, aircraft engines, and transmissions.

Marines entering these fields receive MOS 6000, Basic Aircraft Maintenance Marine, and then progress through specific hard skill MOSs. After completion of formal training, Marines are qualified to maintain air frames and aircraft components. As the Marine progresses, repair and administrative requirements for multiple systems take on an equal importance until the Marine is placed in a management/supervisory position. Billets for both repair and administration are varied and extend from the squadron level to staff positions at the wing, force commander, and Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps level.

Below are the Marine Corps Enlisted Military Occupation Specialties which are organized under these 6000 occupational fields:

60XX – Aviation Maintenance/Mechanics

6012 --Aviation Maintenance Controller/Production Controller

6018 --Aviation Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) , Collateral Duty Quality Assurance Representative (CDQAR), and Collateral Duty Inspector (COI)

6019 --Aircraft Maintenance Chief

6023 --Aircraft Power Plants Test Cell Operator

6033 --Aircraft Nondestructive Inspection Technician

6042 --Individual Material Readiness List (IMRS) Asset Manager

6043 --Aircraft Welder

6046 --Aircraft Maintenance Administration Specialist

6048 --Flight Equipment Technician

6049 --NALCOMIS Application Administrator/Analyst

6062 --Aircraft Intermediate Level Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic

6072 --Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Structures Mechanic

6073 --Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment Electrician/Refrigeration Mechanic

6074 --Cryogenics Equipment Operator

6092 --Aircraft Intermediate Level Structures Mechanic

61XX – Aviation Maintenance – Helicopters

6111 --Helicopter/Tiltrotor Mechanic-Trainee

6112 --Helicopter Mechanic, CH-46

6113 --Helicopter Mechanic, CH-53

6114 --Helicopter Mechanic, UH/AH-1

6116 --Tiltrotor Mechanic, MV-22

6122 --Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-5E1

6123 --Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-64

6124 --Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-400/T-700

6132 --Helicopter/Tiltrotor Dynamic Components Mechanic

6152 --Helicopter Airframe Mechanic, CH-46

6153 --Helicopter Airframe Mechanic, CH-53

6154 --Helicopter Airframe Mechanic, UH/AH-1

6156 --Tiltrotor Airframe Mechanic, MV-22

6162 --Presidential Support Specialist

6172 --Helicopter Crew Chief, CH-46

6173 --Helicopter Crew Chief, CH-53

6174 --Helicopter Crew Chief, UH-1

6176 --Tiltrotor Crew Chief, MV-22

6177 --Weapons and Tactics Crew Chief Instructor

6178 --VH-GON Presidential Helicopter Crew Chief

6179 --VH-3D Presidential Helicopter Crew Chief

6199 --Enlisted Aircrew/Aerial Observer/Gunner

62XX – Aviation Maintenance – Fixed Wing Aircraft

6212 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, AV-8/TAV-S

6213 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, EA-6

6214 --Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Mechanic

6216 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, KC-130

6217 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, F/A-18

6222 --Fixed Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, F-402

6223 --Fixed-wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, J-52

6226 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, T-56

6227 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, F-404

6242 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Flight Engineer, KC-130

6243 --Fixed-Wing Transport Aircraft Specialist, C-9

6244 --Fixed-Wing Transport Aircraft Specialist, C-12

6246 --Fixed-Wing Transport Aircraft Specialist, C-20

6247 --Fixed-Wing Transport Aircraft Specialist, UC-35

6251 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic-Trainee

6252 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, AV-8/TAV-8

6253 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, EA-6

6256 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, KC-130

6257 --Fixed-wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, F/A-18

6276 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Crew Chief, KC-130

6281 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic-Trainee

6282 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, AV-8/TJW-B

6283 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, EA-6

6286 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, KC-130

6287 --Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, F/A-18

The opportunity to participate in a formal apprenticeship program leading to receipt of a Department of Labor Certification of Apprenticeship Completion may be available in some MOSs within OccFlds 60/61/62; refer to MCO 1550.22 for specific information concerning this program.