Manscaping Tips

Grooming hair on the brows, ears, nose and from the neck down

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Manscaping is a relatively newer term, but hair removal for men isn't. We'll give you a hand with some grooming tips for the hair other than on your head and face. We can't say that actually removing the hair will be painless, but we'll help make the process of choosing a method for each area less uncomfortable.


Suggested methods: Trimming, tweezing, waxing and sugaring.

Sometimes all that's needed is a trimming which helps remove bulk. It does wonders on younger guys that consider their eyebrows 'bushy'. And those older gents where the brows often get lengthy and wiry also benefit greatly (see how-to).

If a unibrow is your concern, don't start tweezing or waxing away. You don't want to take out hair too far in. We have an easy way how to locate where the brows should begin.

Tips and precautions: Doing your own? It's best to use tweezers for the most control. Don't ever shave your brows. Let's keep the stubble look to beards only. Avoid getting threading, unless you're just getting the middle done. This technique is so precise and can make eyebrows look too defined and feminine.


Suggested methods: Shaving and waxing.

You didn’t imagine the hair would escape off your head onto your ears, both inside and out. It happens to men as they age. (Don’t worry, women aren't left alone. They get thinner brows and land thick chin hair as they pile on years.) See more about your options for hair removal on the inner and outer parts of the ear.

Tips and precautions: Never put tweezers in your ear canal!


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Suggested method: Trimming.

If you only choose one area to groom, I'd say this is the one. Nose hair pointing at the person you're talking to may have them staring back for the wrong reasons. A quick trim with small facial scissors or nose hair trimmers every couple days is all it takes.


Suggested methods: Shaving, waxing, sugaring and hair removal creams.

This is one of those areas that may have been bare in youth but seems to start sprouting hair as men age. The good news is that it’s usually sparse and if it’s just on the upper shoulders can easily be removed yourself by shaving or slathering on some hair removal cream.

If you opt for a professional wax, this small area is quickly uprooted, isn’t too expensive and can be gone for a couple weeks.

Tips and precautions: When doing your own grooming, check your shoulders using two mirrors to make sure you didn’t miss any stragglers.


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Suggested methods: Trimming, shaving, waxing, sugaring, epilating, laser and hair removal creams.

If there’s too much hair for your liking, it doesn’t mean you have to go bare. Just trimming hair down with clippers or a body groomer makes it appear less noticeable or strikingly “hairy.” Of course you could always shave it completely down or use a hair removal cream on your own. To go smooth longer, let a salon or spa do all the work via wax or sugar.

Tips and precautions: Don’t trim hair down too short or it may look like stubble growing back. With any method you do at home, be careful not to nick or burn your nipples.


Suggested methods: Shaving, waxing, sugaring, laser and electrolysis.

A hairless back is highly sought after by many. Maybe not year round, but especially when gearing up for the beach or vacation.

Do-it-yourself shavers (see devices) can make the task easier to do without any assistance. But for longer-lasting results, although pricier, make a back waxing or sugaring appointment. If you’re removing the hair whatever the season and just want it gone, laser hair removal or electrolysis are options.

Tips and precautions: If you want it shaved and don't have or want to get a d.i.y. back shaver, ask for some help. See how-to for tips on getting a close shave and avoiding nicks and cuts.

8 Ways to Get Rid of a Hairy Back

Private area

Suggested methods: Trimming, shaving, waxing, sugaring and laser.

Sometimes just a trimming achieves the grooming you desire. Many men, though, also shave (get how-to) or go for a wax, leaving little to no hair. (Yes, men also get Brazilian waxes). If you’re on the sensitive side, choose sugaring which is gentler to the skin. And if you’re seeking permanent hair reduction, Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision or another home laser or IPL device may be able to help you reduce the hair outside your briefs.

Tips and precautions: Only go to a technician that is skilled and experienced in men’s waxing.


Suggested methods: Trimming, shaving, waxing, sugaring and epilating.

While not considered a regular part of 'manscaping' a lot of different kinds of athletes get rid of their leg hair for various reasons, but so does the average Joe. Trimming and shaving are always quick and easy. Sugaring or waxing your own legs can be done, but do require patience and practice to do correctly. Epilators give week’s worth of hairless legs but don’t require much skill like sugaring or waxing.

Tips and precautions: Lotion up after shaving, and exfoliate regularly with any hair removal method to prevent ingrown hair.

Learn more in-depth about each method: