Male Body Shaving

Male body shaving is being sought out as a way to look more groomed for guys all around the globe. If you have recently begun using a razor or trimmer for more areas than just your face, you're definitely not alone. Cutting hair off is generally the quick, easy and painless option.

Many guys out there are turning to shaving the hair totally off or trimming it down for a cleaner look, almost everywhere from the neck down. We have some tips, advice, and products to help you look your best.

Use it directly on your skin for a close shave. If you'd rather not be bare, use one of the guards to get your perfect length. Sometimes or in certain areas (like the chest) you may not want the hair totally gone, so trimming it down will make it look more groomed and overall less noticeable. Made especially for men's body hair, it can be used wet or dry.

Can’t reach your back? The Mangroomer Electric Back Shaver is the do-it-yourself option when you have no one to help or don’t want to ask anyone in on your secrets. The adjustable and extendable handle helps you reach all areas of your back.

It's a good option for those that have sparse or upper back hair near the shoulders. It's not the best way to go if you have thick back hair from top to bottom. You run the risk of missing some hair or not getting as close of a shave as you'd like. No one wants to look like they a patchy carpet on their back.

These products are the same concept as Mangroomer, Razorba products also allow you to do your own back shave. One of their models, Sum3X Power is electric, the other three are not. They work by you attaching a manual razor. 

With a manual razor, you can obtain a closer shave over an electric razor. You might be able to use your favorite manual razor, depending on the compatibility with one of their four models.

The good old razor and shaving cream works well to get areas smooth on the cheap. Before shaving with the razor, trim hair down short with by holding a comb over skin and using scissors on hair clippers with the shortest guard.

You won't dull the razor with it having to eat through a lot of​ the length first and get a closer shave. And you'll also save yourself some time, especially if you use clippers to trim.

Of course, any shaving cream or gel will do the job for the most part. My pick is The Art of Shaving, Shaving Cream for Men that fights ingrown hairs and gives close, smooth results.

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Planning on pruning below?  This zone is more sensitive and needs special care, especially if you want to be completely bare. Read our step-by-step to help you get a close, safe shave while avoiding nicks and cuts on all your parts.  More »

how to trim pubic hair
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Trimming is a go-to for many men who want to look more groomed and neat, but not remove. It definitely has its advantages over shaving, with no chance or razor burn or nicks.

Many options are available for trimming hair or shaving it off completely using the basics or gadgets specifically made grooming beneath the boxers. More »

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Male Body Waxing

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Shaving is very temporary, but waxing will leave you hair free for weeks at a time. Many men are hitting salons and spas turning to this longer lasting option and letting the pros do the work for every zone imaginable.

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Unfortunately, ingrown hair, razor bumps and burn often come after shaving thick hair- and that's almost anywhere on a man's body. These products are made to prevent and treat these unwanted side effects. You don't have to trade in hairless skin for bumps. More »