Let Your Cute Drawings Charm The World

Let Your Cute Drawings Charm The World

mother and child kissing outdoors
Loving Mother and Child. Getty Images/Oliver Rossi

 Cute Drawings Are Here to Charm You! AND anyone within the Radar Range!

Have you always wanted to draw cartoon characters that will charm the world with its cuteness but you just don’t know how to start? Here’s a very short article that may help you achieve your goal!

Before anything else, let’s start with a brief explanation on why we regard some things as cute.

Why is it Cute?

The word cute is defined as attractive in an endearing way. You may often hear this word associated with babies, children, young animals and most cartoon characters. What are the typical characteristics that make them cute?

Scientific studies show that a baby’s features and proportions make them seem helpless and in need of protection, prompting adults to take care of a baby, whether they are related by blood or not. This goes the same for young animals since technically, they are also still very vulnerable. This psychology even works for things that only have parts or proportions of an infant, seemingly reminding us that it is a baby; hence, we have cartoon characters.

Artists and designers have studied how to make their cartoon characters pretty enough to enchant the world the way babies do. These childlike characteristics are just some of the elements to consider in making successful cute drawings.

Now, I will share some basic elements and principles that you should consider while making your cute drawings.

Basic Elements and Principles on Cuteness


Every cute character has childlike characteristics. The head of a baby is one-fourth the size of its body length. So you need to make sure you have this proportion right. You can even draw a big and round head that is up to half the size of its body length. This kind of exaggeration is sometimes necessary for successful cute drawings.

This large head will give you a lot of space to make a face. To make it cute, you have to put the eyes and ears low in the face so that you have a big forehead. Also, the eyes should be far apart so that you can put a small nose in the middle but a bit lower than the eyes. You can also give your drawing eyes that will suggest that it is happy or sad. You can also choose not to give it any emotion just like most drawings of Hello Kitty. Next, you can add a small mouth. Some cute characters don’t have a mouth, (Example: Hello Kitty) so it depends on your preference.

Now, you have to draw the limbs. The arms should not be too long and it should have a round form. Taking Winnie-the-Pooh and the PowerPuff Girls as examples, you can choose not to draw fingers. But if you opt to draw fingers, draw them as fat as possible and just draw four fingers. Look how successful Baby Bugs Bunny is with his four chubby fingers!

The legs of your cute drawings should be very short and plump, giving the image a relaxed feeling. Just as a waddle is the best way for a short animal to walk, your character with short legs once animated will definitely waddle. Nothing is cuter than a short-legged animal like a penguin waddling its way through the snow.

Aside from proportion, there are other traits your characters must possess, affecting its overall success. While you are drawing, always pay attention to their forms. Make sure that they are round to make your character inviting, huggable and friendly. As much as possible, avoid anything that may make your character have an irregular shape or pointy edges.

Don’t add too much detail to your drawing as this might lessen or completely take the cuteness away. Remember to keep it simple! Simplicity is very cute!

Lovable and Colorful

You want your drawing to be very lovable? To do this, you have to make sure that it is little. Little animals like baby bunnies, kittens and puppies are cute and lovable. Take Baby LooneyTunes characters as examples. Aren’t they much more appealing to kids compared to their original adult counterparts?

Lastly, you’d want to choose colors that are relaxing and again, inviting. There is no definite rule on what colors do to give you this effect, but you can start playing around with baby pink, light yellow, baby blue and even white! These hues are not necessarily the only colors that will give your cute drawings a friendly feel. However, using those colors will definitely make them look innocent and pure.

You have to avoid hard contrasts since they make your drawing look independent and powerful. If you want to make them look very vulnerable, then you can play around with pastel colors. These have a few contrasts and it will make your drawing softer and smoother.


I hope the elements and principles I shared here would prove useful to you as you start making those cute drawings. Remember that these elements don’t necessarily have to be present in all your drawings, just have fun and play around with the elements until you get the right combination of cuteness.