Makeup for Brown Eyes

How to Choose the Right Colors

Woman with brown eyes
Takamitsu GALALA Kato for Getty Images

If you have brown eyes, choosing the right makeup can make your eyes pop, while choosing the wrong makeup can leave you looking dated.

The Importance of Knowing How to Make Up Your Eye

Just because you have brown eyes and your best friend also has brown eyes doesn't mean you both need to make up your eyes exactly the same. There is so much more to consider including your eye shape and whether your eyes are close together or wide-set.

You also want to keep in mind your lifestyle, your personality, your skin tone, and the way you dress.

How to Choose the Best Eyeshadow Colors

Women with brown eyes can wear almost any color. It isn't helpful to read that khaki, cocoa, butter and cinnamon shades look good near brown eyes because what are those colors anyway?

We always recommend that you experiment with shades you are drawn to when it comes to eyeshadows. Head to somewhere like Sephora and have at it. Try on as many shades as you like and leave with your favorites. Enlist the help of an expert if you want.

When choosing eye makeup, also consider your personality. If you like to have fun with makeup and don't mind people noticing your eyeshadow, try a contrasting color palette on your lids. Brown or dark brown eyes look wonderful with blues, greens or even deep, jewel colors. 

But if you are more natural or want your makeup to blend in making it look like you aren't wearing any, stick to more subtle colors.

For daytime, especially, it's usually best to wear lighter colors on your lids than darker ones because light colors brighten, while dark colors make your eyes recede.

Always consider your skin tone as well. Deep hues on some skin tones just won't work. Any colors with red in them won't look good on someone with a ruddy skin tone.

This is why experimentation is important.

Best Eyeliner for Brown Eyes

Makeup artist, Bobbi Brown, advises that brown eyes look best with brown liners if you want to look as natural as possible.

You can have fun with colors as well. We love teal on the eyes.

Aubergine (Purple) Can Look Great With Brown Eyes

A friend came by once after a random afternoon spent at a department store makeup counter. I was amazed at how soft and gorgeous her face looked done up in what she called "aubergine" colors.

The deep purple eyeliner and mascara made her brown eyes seem tinted with green. According to her, the makeup artist told her she "always" uses aubergine on women with brown eyes. I was pleasantly surprised, as I've read deep purple looks best on green and blue-eyed women. Seems we can all wear it! 

Don't Forget the Mascara

Curling your lashes and applying mascara will open up your eyes and make them appear about 20 percent larger. If you have pale skin and light lashes, think twice before skipping mascara or your eyes will disappear into your face.

For brown eyes, you can get away with any mascara color from light brown to black to blue. Black mascara will make eyes stand out the most. To make eyes really stand out, consider a few fake lashes, which are really in right now.

You can apply them yourself or get them professionally done in a lash bar.