Putting Tips: Learn How to Make More Putts on the Green

Golf instructional articles, videos and resources about putting

Golf teaching professional giving putting tips to a student golfer
A golfer receives putting tips from a teaching professional. vm/E+/Getty Images

Raise your hand if you want to make more putts. OK, that's one ... two ... three ... everyone. Every golfer - even the best putters on the planet - wishes they made more putts.

That's where putting tips come in. Below you'll find putting tips geared to both beginners and more experienced golfers. Instructional articles and videos whose aim is to help you make more putts, either through developing the basics or by suggesting practice drills that can help.

Here's one putting tip that is more important than all the rest: Simply spend more time practicing your putting. You'd be surprised how many golfers skip the putting green at the practice facility.

Putting Fundamentals and Basics

These features focus on the fundamentals of putting such as the stance and grip and ways to develop a solid stroke.

Putting Drills

These are practice drills that you can use to build a better stroke, to work on speed and distance control or to improve your feel on the green.

Putter Lengths, Specs and Fittings

There are conventional putters (the usual mid-30-inch-length flatsticks), plus long putters and belly putters. And while anchoring a putter has been banned by the governing bodies, using a longer-than-standard putter remains perfectly OK under the rules.

You know where else is a great place to find putting tips? YouTube. The free video website has many, many videos of putting tips, many from top golf instructors. Search YouTube for putting tips.