5 Delightful Ways to Make Baby's Nursery Smell Good

A Nursery Scent Freshens When Baby Doesn't Smell So Sweet

Everyone loves that soft, fresh baby smell. But your baby, and baby's nursery, may not always smell fantastic. That's when a nursery fragrance comes in handy! These nursery scent options will work for almost any home. Whether you want a stronger smell or a faint one, a decorative scent-diffuser or something hidden, there's a way to keep the nursery fresh and fragrant (in a good way).

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Noodle and Boo Creme Douce Reed Diffuser

Noodle and Boo Reed Diffuser
Noodle and Boo

Here's a beautiful and simple way to lightly scent your baby's nursery with the fragrance of warm milk and vanilla beans, along with water blossoms, peach, and clover honey. Just set the reeds in the diffuser and place it out of baby's reach. The reeds do all the work! The glass bottle and artfully arranged reeds are pleasant to the eye, as well as the nose.

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Indigo Wild Wee Mist - Lullaby Lavender

Wee Mist Lullaby Lavender
Indigo Wild.

 From the company that makes popular Zum Bar soaps and Zum Mist sprays, Indigo Wild, comes an essential oil spray perfect for baby's room. Wee Mist in Lullaby Lavender can be sprayed on textiles or in the air to give the whole room a lasting lavender fragrance. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties, too, which can't hurt when it comes to soothing your baby at bedtime!

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beginning by Maclaren Aromatherapy Candles and Sprays

Maclaren Nursery Candles

You might not guess that classic stroller manufacturer Maclaren would also have a great way to scent the nursery, but it's true! The company's line of candles, room sprays, and body products, beginning by Maclaren, is every bit as amazing as their strollers. The scents are soft but long-lasting, perfect for baby's space. Our favorites are the Inspiring Mandarin & Pettigrain and Celebration with lavender, bergamot, patchouli and sage. Other varieties are Rejuvenating Neroli, Tranquility Patchouli & Rose, and Harmony Cinnamon & Clove. These are hard to find in stores these days, but worth it if you can locate some.

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Scentsy Newborn Nursery Scent Pak

Scentsy's Newborn Nursery, as the name suggests, is just right for baby's rest space. It's a soft, clean scent that you can use in several ways. The scent paks are cloth pillows with the fragrance inside that can be hung in a closet or on a door, or tucked inside the dresser. You can also purchase a Scentsy stuffed animal separately, and their critters have a space to pop the scent pak inside. The same fragrance is available for wax warmers. Scentsy products have to be purchased from a representative.

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Yankee Candle Soft Blanket

Yankee Candle is another brand that is readily available in many stores. There are several scents that would be nice for a nursery in this line-up, but Soft Blanket tops them all. It's delicate and just right for creating a relaxing atmosphere for your little one. The citrus note is really pleasant when mixed with vanilla and warm amber. Several candle sizes are available, from tiny votives to a huge 150-hour jar.