Make a Rapunzel Costume

Get Tangled This Halloween

One of the latest princesses to catch our fancy is none other than Rapunzel, one of the most infamous fairytale maidens who recently got a new spin on her story thanks to the folks at Disney. Here, I'll show you how to create an updated Rapunzel costume similar to the Tangled version.

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The Purple Gown

Make a Rapunzel Costume
Rapunzel's Purple Gown. Getty Images

The latest Rapunzel incarnation is the first Disney princess to sport a deep purple gown. If you are going Rapunzel this year, be sure to choose a purple dress, because the Disney standard seems to always take over the traditional look of any and all princesses!

The Rapunzel gown from Disney is long, purple and simple. It isn't a poofy Belle or Cinderella dress, so you don't have to worry about wearing a petticoat under the skirt. Since the dress is so simple, I honestly believe that you could pick up any long, purple gown at our local thrift store, and wear it as Rapunzel.

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The Hair

Make a Rapunzel Costume
Rapunzel's Long Yellow Hair. Getty Images

Let's talk hair. Rapunzel just wouldn't be the same without her long, golden locks. Strange, but most of us weren't blessed with 70 feet of extra hair.

This is a job better left to a wig. If you are spending money at all on this costume, this is where to invest it. Luckily, I know where to find the cheapest Rapunzel wigs online.

Once you've found the right wig, I suggest adding some little flowers to it. All store-bought wigs can use some dressing up, and a few faux flowers will help to give it the deluxe look. Purchase flowers, or make your own fabric flowers for a custom touch.

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Can't Find a Purple Dress?

Make a Rapunzel costume
Make a Purple Skirt. Rain Blanken

Thrift stores can get picked over during the Halloween season. If you can't find a long purple gown, then fake it with a long skirt and coordinating blouse.

Make a drawstring skirt that can be paired with any short purple gown, or even a nice purple blouse. A cheap purple satin fabric will work well, and might even be on sale during the Halloween season.

While the lack of a gown won't make for an exact Rapunzel replica, you can still get the idea across with a long purple skirt and top. Rapunzel's purple skirt is actually a shade darker than the top of the gown, anyway. Besides, with all that hair, I doubt anyone will have to guess who you are.

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The Tiara

Make a Rapunzel Costume
Any Tiara will work. Getty Images

While the traditional story of Rapunzel doesn't involve a tiara, the new Disney incarnation adds a gorgeous tiara to the storyline.

Thanks to a long-term obsession with princesses by little girls everywhere, tiaras can be had for cheap. Even your local dollar store stocks them (look in the toy section, you might even get a bubble wand outta the deal!). Alternately, you can get an elegant tiara online. These range in price from very inexpensive reproductions to impressive Swarovski crystal ordeals.

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Bare Feet!

Make a Rapunzel Costume
Rapunzel Bare Feet. Getty Images

This has to be my favorite part of the Rapunzel costume. Picture it... a stately princess wrapped in a pretty gown, her glimmering hair, and tiara daintily positioned -and bare feet! This charming feature of the Disney Rapunzel adds adventure and playfulness to the character.

You don't have to tread the town in your soles to get this look. Grab a pair of nude slippers or a pair of flip-flops that have a clear strap.

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A Frying Pan

Make a Rapunzel Costume
Rapunzel and her Frying Pan. Getty Images

An important accessory to this year's Rapunzel costume is the frying pan. Poor Flynn Rider got the receiving end of Rapunzel's pan throughout the duration of the new Disney movie. Fans of the new Rapunzel will get a kick out of this must-have costume prop. Small frying pans would work best, like the kind used to make a single egg. That way, you can stash it in your bag when you are tired of carrying it around.